10 products for quick party prep
Get ready for the party season now with these beauty steals...

Nov 06, 2013 04:21
by Sally Creagh

If you believe that Melbourne Cup day marks the beginning of the summer party season, then we are well into it. Christmas, New Year’s and every other summer occasion calls for quick and reliable party makeup looks you can do in a flash. If you find yourself racing to get out the door - or leaving work to go straight to a function - use these 10 quality products to get yourself party ready, pronto!

1. Primer

You may have heard Napoleon's catchphrase "Not to prime is a crime!". So steer clear of trouble this party season and start with NP Set Pre-Foundation Primer.

2. Eye Primer

Don't forget to prime the eyes. This is a step a lot of people skip but a flawless base on the eyelids will prevent your eye makeup from creasing and will make it last longer. NP Set Eye Primer has even been called ‘underwear for the eye’! Perfect if your night out turns into a all-nighter!

3. Base

Try a BB cream for a natural look that still gives good coverage while nourishing your skin. A SPF factor of 20 is handy for outdoor events during those long daylight savings evenings. The universal shade of NP Set BB Cream SPF 20 suits most skin tones.

4. Brows

A lot of people don’t pay attention to their brows but when they see how a well defined brow really frames their face and makes their eyes stand out, they are quickly converted. The NP Set Essential Brow Set has everything you need. Tweezers for plucking any strays; dark or lighter brow powder shades; brush applicator; and clear shaping wax to keep them in place once you have them the way you want them.

5. Eyes/ cheeks/ lips.

The NP Set Red Carpet Set Palette would have to be the ultimate in go-to products for super-quick party prep! This palette of harmonious shades will see you set for eye colour, blush and lip colour - mix and match the shades to make the perfect colour for you. And by god, at $29 for all this you can’t go wrong. This summery, festive palette is compact too - keep it in your clutch for quick touch ups throughout the night!

6. Eyeliner

Break away from your usual black and try navy, charcoal or green for a fresh party look. This NP Set Eyeliner contains jojoba oil ensuring it glides on smoothly, with no dragging! This makes the whole party prep process a lot less time consuming!

7. Mascara

Finish off your eye makeup look and make your eyes look larger with a slick of mascara. This NP Set Pasarella Mascara contains beeswax, which means it doesn’t clump, and makes your eyelashes look thicker and longer.

8. False eyelashes

Now these really take your look from workaday to wow! NP Set has a number of faux eyelash sets that range from something you could wear for any occasion to dramatic and glam. Each set comes with its own glue and instructions.

9. Powder

Give your whole makeup look a flawless finish with a light dusting of translucent powder. This mineral based powder is super fine and will set your makeup without being too cakey.

10. Lipstick

Finish off your party look with a fabulous, long lasting lip-colour. If you’re going out for a long night of partying, you’re going to need something that stays on. Try some of the creamy shades from NP Set's Lipsticks, like Noosa (bright orange - this season's colour); or choose from range of nudes and neutrals; or go for a colour pop lip with Madrid (red) or Florence (which is candy pink).

All ten of these party prep winners can be purchased at npsetcosmetics.com.


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It’s sale time at NP Set. Up to 70% off .

It’s sale time at NP Set. Up to 70% off .

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