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Since 1986, NAJO’s harmonious silver jewellery designs have empowered individuals to express themselves creatively and beautifully while staying true to their personalities.
Fusing unconventionality with a timeless appeal, our sophisticated design aesthetic is unique. Our NAJO story is your story. Because the way you interpret our pieces and ascribe meaning to them inspires us to imbue every design with beauty and soul. We’re passionate about enabling you to wear our pieces with joy and tell your story without words.

NAJO’s enduring aesthetic is forever defined by Mother Nature’s artistry. We’ve long admired her ephemeral beauty in the world around us. Perfectly imperfect pebbles, ethereal dewdrops, cascading water – our pure design ethos balances elegance and beauty with timelessness. The sense of proportion of our designs, the clean, uncluttered lines, and the harmony in how the elements play out speak to those who wish to express understated sophistication and style. NAJO still uses the same small workshops where the brand began in 1986. It’s wonderful to see these artisans and their families and communities flourish. The children who played with NAJO’s first jewellery pieces in those days are now master silversmiths and proudly continue the tradition using the same time-honoured techniques


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