5 bad skin habits to break NOW
Applying luxurious skincare products won’t do a thing if you have any of these bad habits! Check yourself against the list below and then kick them out of your routine.

Sarah Sayers

Jul 09, 2014 04:13
by Sarah Sayers

Repeat after me: I will moisturise, I won’t pick my pimples, I’ll show my eyes some TLC, I’ll change my bed sheets like my mother told me and I’ll drink from a glass and not the bottle. Read below now and thank me later.

Skipping moisturiser

Many women shy away from moisturisers believing they will worsen their oily skin. However, the opposite is true! Cleansing the skin alone strips away natural oils, sending a message to your upper derma to produce more oil to combat the unusual feeling of dryness. By applying moisturiser after you cleanse, you will reduce sebum production and have a less shiny face.

Picking pimples

It’s a hard habit to ditch, especially when a pimple emerges the size of Mt Kilimanjaro. When the over-whelming temptation to squeeze strikes, remember that your fingers are probably not prepped for the job (covered in germs), you will break delicate capillaries by not using professional extraction tools, causing scarring, and you will push the infection that has caused the pimple further into the pore which will make it last a week or longer, instead of a couple of days.

Neglecting your eyes

Modern gals stress more, work harder, sleep less and spend more time in front of electrical devices (just like you are now!), which make for bags bigger than Hermes Birkins dangling under your eyes.
Invest in a quality eye cream and give yourself nightly massages. Your lymphatic system will be boosted, increasing blood circulation and flooding the area with fresh oxygen and nutrients. To massage, pretend you are playing a tiny piano and tap your fingers under your eyes and above your eyebrow bone.

Not changing your linen

We shed almost 14 million skin cells a day and our pores release constant oil to keep us hydrated. Much of this happens in bed while we sleep, so imagine how filthy our sheets become after just one week! Totally gross! Sleeping on dirty sheets allows contact of bacteria on the skin, causing breakouts, eczema and even asthma! There’s no point having a fresh shower at night and applying pricey creams if you’re about to jump into a breeding ground for germs.

Drinking from bottles instead of glasses

Ever heard of smoker’s lips? It’s when tiny premature wrinkles form around the perimeter of the mouth from constantly pursing the lips. Regularly drinking from disposable bottles has shown to cause similar problems. It’s hard to avoid if you’re on the run, but when you’re in the comfort of your own home, switch to a glass.

Oh, and no more duck face selfies for all of the reasons above. #jokingnotjoking!


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