5 Styles to Never Wear on Valentine’s Day

Jae Rustia

Feb 15, 2016 10:30
by Jae Rustia

Image via Dominika Wojciechowska, Flickr.

There was a time when women dressed with a motive to please the man in their life. From the Victoria era with their ruffles and pallor to any other decade really – women have been dressing for men for a really long time. Too long, some may say. These days however, it seems that more and more women are starting to dress for other women by playing with trends and taking fashion risks like never before.

When women dress for other women, outfits are often more fashion forward and usually, such looks don’t go down well in the eyes of men. Some fashion bloggers have even come up with a term for this form of dressing up – A Man Repeller. While it is great to wear whatever you want to wear any day of the year, Valentine’s Day is a day where you really should dress up for the man you love. With this in mind, here is a list of five style pieces you should steer clear of on Valentine’s Day.


Image via Ren Rong, Flickr.

Comfortable and so on trend, harem pants can be rocked for a day at the office or one at the beach but you might want to avoid wearing them on Valentine’s Day. I still have to meet a man who has not referred to the harem pants as the ‘Aladdin’ pants and really, no straight guy has ever found Aladdin sexy.


Image via Sarah Tirona, Flickr.

Culottes are making a huge comeback. From fashion editors to the biggest supermodels, this fashion piece is being worn as casual wear with a tank top and platforms, as well as for more formal occasions with silk blouses and clutches. But this fashion piece, which looks like a skirt but isn’t and which looks like trousers but isn’t, might come across as a bit too weird for the guy in your life.


Image via The Upside, Instagram.

The sportswear industry has taken huge leaps and nowadays, wearing gym wear outside of the gym is a way of staying on trend. From yoga pants paired with tank tops in beautiful designs to leather jackets paired with the sexiest women’s gym shorts – looking amazing in sportswear has never been easier. But on Valentine’s day you might want to avoid coming across as too casual by wearing something which proves you have made more effort to look good for your man.


Image via Dominika Wojciechowska, Flickr.

From the runway to the street, the pajama trend is making waves in the fashion world. From silk robes worn with blouses and elegant pants to pajama like trousers, this trend screams bold fashionista. This being said, unless your man is a fashion man, the pajama trend may be too much for him!


Image via Pixabay.

High waisted jeans are making a comeback together with other style moments from the 90s. From Gigi Hadid wearing her high waisted jeans on the streets to fashion blogger Chaira Ferragni rocking hers on Instagram, this fashion trend is definitely one to try if you have the body for it. But even if you can pull off high waisted jeans, most men still associate this piece with mom jeans and seriously, do you want to channel his mother on Valentine’s Day?

Jae Rustia is a fashion junkie by day and a reader by night. She's usually on Youtube watching makeup video tutorials or browsing The Upside Shop for the latest fashion trend. Find her on Twitter here @JaeRustia


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