5 Transformative Accessories
These key accessories can take your look from 'meh' to magnifique in an instant!

Jul 15, 2013 05:00
by Sally Creagh

How to give an outfit that special something? You need an accessory with transformational qualities! The alchemy occurs when you put a stand out item with an outfit that is otherwise simple - but the item has to be bold, either in colour, size, shape, pattern, texture or all of the above. 

Basically, transformative accessories are statement pieces. Pair any one (or two!) of these with a simple black dress or monochrome outfit of skinnies and a top and you have the ‘wow’ factor without a whole lot of fuss.

1. Statement jewellery

The most impactful accessory there is, the statement necklace is right there up front, grabbing attention! Go for colour, texture, metallic finishes, crystals (the materials are endless), a fabulous necklace or a statement cuff can take a plain outfit and make it sing. 

2. Scarves

These are possibly the most versatile of all the accessories, if you know how to work them. If you’ve been tying your scarf the same way your whole life then you need help from Wendy of Wendy’s Look Book. Her 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes video has notched up almost 20 million views on YouTube. She’s the Psy of the scarf world! Check it out below.

Another thing about scarves is that they are not just for necks! Oh no, take your huge square silk scarf and tie two ends together around your neck, let the rest of the scarf drape over the entire front of your outfit, like an apron; then belt it, and you’ve got a new dress! This look can be incredibly elegant and flamboyant if you have the right kind of scarf. Check out the beautiful collection from Bay & Fyfe.

3. Bags

A bag is an investment price for sure, but don’t let that mean it can’t do double duty as a statement piece as well. A tote in a bold pattern, colour or texture has double the impact due to the large size. Smaller bags can also work, but they have to make themselves known in some other way - colour or an unusual form should do the trick. Take a look at Mimco who do a great line in drawstring bags, smaller in size but not in personality. Whatever you do, break free from that voice that’s telling you to only buy black bags - live a little! You’ll thank us for it later!

4. Shoes

Although they are way way down there near the floor, shoes can still pack a punch. Heel height changes your posture and therefore your whole look, so pack a pair of heels for instant transformation. Again, go for a pop of colour in a simple form, patterning or cut outs. Or you can just go hell-for-leather and design you own! Shoes of Prey have an amazing array of customisable shoe forms. Go crazy!

5. Tights

These have to be the easiest (and possibly the most affordable) way to totally transform an outfit. Little black dress + black pumps + sensible black bag = boring, right? Not if you pull on some funky green tights! We are lucky to be living in an era of fabulous leg candy so take advantage and rock your pins and your world with some of the latest and greatest.

Which transformative accessory will you be trying?


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