The Best Red Lipsticks, Tried And Tested: PART THREE
The search for the best red lipstick took us to Shu Uemura's 507, Jeffree Star's RedRum, Australis' Luxe Love and Bloom's Bella

Jul 01, 2015 04:50
by Katie

This is the season where we reach for our trusty red lipstick, knowing that it will be able to brighten up even the most boring of winter outfits. 

Sometimes the pop of colour is all that it takes to bump up our mood, get us out of our trackies and out on the town. 

Red lipstick is the perfect colour but with so many different colours, textures and types out there, when it comes to choosing the perfect one, it is hard to know where to start. 

It would take you years of trawling through Priceline's aisles and every Myer counter before you had tried them all. 

To give you a helping hand, Missy has chosen her 15 favourites and has trusted them to her minion Katie, who tried and tested every one. 

Here is PART THREE... 


Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte in M OR 570


This lipstick took me by surprise, which is rare considering that I have tried hundreds in my lifetime.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened the futuristic case and tried this lipstick on but I was pleasantly surprised with a silky soft, orangy-red colour.

Of all the red lipstick colours I have tried, this one is my favourite.


Jeffree Star Velour Red Lipstick in Redr Rum


This one is another fun paint-like lipstick. It has a curved brush, which makes application super easy.

It goes on wet and quickly dries into this awesome velvety matte texture - it feels great on the lips.

There’s no chance of any lipstick stains on wine glasses with this one!


Australis Go Long, in Luxe Love


The only thing that I hate about lipsticks is the smell; it is never pleasant… well it was never pleasant, until I tried this lipstick.

Australis has managed to develop a lippy with a subtle sherbetty smell, add to that a nice colour and slightly matte texture and you’ve got an awesome product.

Perfect for the girl on a budget.


Bloom Lipstick, in Bella


I was sold on this lipstick before I even tried it, because of the Bloom story.

This colour was named after the founder’s grandmother, who always wore bright red lipstick, so I knew that it would be great! It goes on really silkily, with a slight wet look and a fabulous bright red colour.  


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