Fake Tan Freedom
The world’s first express tan remover, ANTHEIA, is here

Mar 22, 2016 01:47
by Missy

Picture this: You are sporting a three-day-old spray tan. It is patchy, your feet are a weird shade of orange and you are about to get into the shower for an hour-long scrub sesh that, let’s face it, probably won’t leave your skin looking any better. 

Sound familiar? It’s time that you met ANTHEIA, the world’s first express tan remover.

As a fake tan fanatic, I have had my fair share of fake tan disasters, so when I came across a product that promises to avert every tan-related crisis that I create, my curiosity was piqued.

Fed up with orange palms, a shade-too-dark spray tan and the dreaded ‘I forgot to exfoliate’ tan, Aussie girls, Brie Stevenson and Michelle Young came up with a solution.

Together they created ANTHEIA, a simple spritz-and-wipe formula that removes tan in minutes.
It is a safe and natural solution that uses a sophisticated blend of non-harmful active ingredients and pure botanical extracts to effectively dissolve fake tan pigment and restore skin’s vitality.

I had the opportunity to try the product for myself, and I was very impressed.

What usually takes hours, more than one intense scrub and even the use of harsh chemicals, took just a few easy minutes.

ANTHEIA arrives in a little pack, complete with a spray bottle, cloth and easy to use instructions.

In just two quick steps, my skin was back to its old self, and even felt a little softer. 

#faketanfreedom, here I come!


ANTHEIA is $55 per kit and is available from www.shopantheia.com.


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