One Shoe, Infinite Style
Introducing the most beautiful mix-and-matchable sandals by Kuoco

May 24, 2016 12:23
by Missy

A beautiful pair of shoes is hard to come by, a beautiful pair of shoes that you can customise to your tastes with the blink of an eye – unheard of.

Until now that is, with the launch of Australian shoe label Kuoco, which is home to a beautiful collection of mix-and-matchable sandals.

The label has created a whole new concept in shoes and with the soft soles and gorgeous designs that they make – make in Australia that is – it is hard not to be an instant fan.

The real beauty in owning a pair of Kuoco sandals is that the wearer instantly becomes the designer, able to mix and match the top straps, soles and gorgeous embellishments with the blink of an eye. 

Each interchangeable top strap has a lovely, flattering cut and the design varies from classic black and tan, to zebra striped and fabulously bedazzled.

To add an extra personal touch, the label also has a range of gorgeous toe jewels that are not only pretty, but are functional too.

When I first had the opportunity to try a pair of Kuoco sandals, I could not believe the comfort that the soles provide and being able to mix and match my own unique pair was a novelty that I have never experienced before – I loved it!

For daytime I wear a classic black strap, with a pewter toe jewel (sometimes swapping this jewel for a gorgeous feather) and for night I swap the strap for a bedazzled one that is rose gold in colour.

The swap takes no more than a minute and means that, where I would have bought multiple pairs of shoes to satisfy each look, I only need one. 

A little addicted to travel, I could not help but imagine myself wearing these around the cobble stoned streets of the Greek Islands – just think of the suitcase space I would save, given that these shoes basically lie flat!


Check out these babies for yourself at www.kuoco.com.au





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