Natural Deodorants: Do They Work?
Missy takes No Pong to the test...

May 12, 2017 01:56
by Missy

Natural deodorants are all the rage right now, thanks to the plethora of information we now have at our fingertips about the harmful chemicals and metals in regular deodorants.

It’s widely known that most deodorants contain aluminium, which can increase the risk of conditions including breast cancer – how scary – so people are now reverting to using natural, aluminium free products.

They’re popping up everywhere in powder forms, pastes and even sticks but with so many out there, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

When I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try No Pong, an all natural anti odourant recommended by my yoga teacher, I was sceptical to say the least but I wanted to give it a go, especially if it meant that I would be saving myself from health complications down the road.

"We have approximately 2.6 million sweat glands in our body and for the vast majority of us; our major concern is in preventing these glands from functioning as nature intended,” said No Pong founder Chris Caley, who created the brand with partner Melanie McVean.    

“However, sweating is a natural bodily process designed to regulate body temperature and prevent heat exhaustion, in addition to expelling trace toxins and improving the body’s immune system. NO PONG enables this while still keeping you fresh and odour free,” he said.

No Pong is a paste that arrives to you in a small tin that would easily fit into any handbag or clutch.

As a spray deodorant user, it was weird at first to actually dip my fingers into the product and layer it on my pits, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

I applied straight after my evening shower, using a pea-sized amount, onto dry skin and waited a little while for it to sink in before going to bed.

The next morning I was fresh as a daisy.

To test its longevity I didn’t reapply in the morning and went about my day… On a regular day if I had forgotten to apply deodorant in the morning (please tell me I am not the only one…) I would be feeling a little self-conscious by midday and feeling funky by home time.

With No Pong I was fresh all day long and I could only smell the citrus if I really got my nose in there for a good sniff.

Did I still sweat? Yes. But not nearly as much as I would have if I hadn’t used any product at all and there was no hint of odour.  

All in all, I was pretty impressed and continued to use the product for the rest of the week, though I did apply morning and night to be sure.

I am now three weeks in and have barely made a dent in the product, which I am anticipating will last me at least another 3 months.

Interested to try it for yourself? No Pong is available online for $5.95 at www.nopong.com 


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