Finger Painting
A case for applying foundation with your hands

Aug 21, 2017 03:42
by Missy

I can still remember myself as a teenager, walking away from the Clinique counter with my first ever foundation, and the brush that the sales woman assured me that I had to have.

For years, and through many foundation bottles, I used that brush and others like it, never even considering that there could be another way.

When the beauty blender rose to power, I was a quick convert, but my world had been opened to new possibilities and I began experimenting with other methods.

The first time I used my hands to apply my foundation, I couldn’t believe that I had never tried it before and I have been doing it ever since.

Everyone has their preference, for sure, but if you have not yet tried finger painting, there are three reasons why you should at least give it a go.

1. You know how clean your fingers are… Do you know how clean your brush is?

Unless you wash your brush religiously, it is a haven for a whole host of nasties that you don’t want to put anywhere near your skin. You have total control over how clean your hands are, which is a huge pro.

2. Your fingers offer a precision that a brush or blender cannot.

Total control over how much foundation you layer on which parts of your face is something that I have never been able to achieve with anything other than my fingers.

3. You’ll find you have a gorgeous, natural finish every time.

Maybe it is because I love a lighter, natural looking coverage, but I always find that applying with my fingers makes my makeup look so much better. My skin looks velvety smooth, while appearing natural – something to do with the warmth of your fingers! 


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