How To: Include a Junior Bridesmaid in Your Wedding
Creating a role for a little one that you love is a special gesture on your wedding day

Feb 20, 2018 03:30
by Missy

Sometimes the people we want in our wedding are not traditional. Maybe you have a daughter that is too old to be a flower girl, but is more special to you than your bridesmaid... This is the situation that invented the term junior bridesmaid.

Finding a dress for your junior bridesmaid

Your junior bridesmaid is the last one to walk down the aisle before the bride. You can dress your junior bridesmaid like your adult bridesmaids or you can order a custom sized wedding dress to match yours. You will want to make it a slightly different color, for example, if you are wearing ivory, make her dress diamond white, silver, or blush pink. A sweet idea is to get her to carry a sign that reads, “The Bride Is Coming”, instead of a bouquet.

When it comes to hair and makeup, don't forget that she's still a child, so do not make the mistake of trying to make her up to look older than she is. A little sparkle blush and lipgloss is enough makeup. Do not fit her with a hair piece, false eyelashes, or heels that she cannot walk in, gracefully.

Give her a special job on the day

Give her the honor of performing a dance or act at the reception. Buy her a cool dance costume at Just For Kix and let her work with the DJ for the perfect music for her show. If she is shy about doing it live, do it before the wedding and record it. Then you can show the video on the big screen at the reception.

She may also sing, recite a poem, or read scripture at the reception. Whatever you assign her to do; she will be a lovely addition to the wedding.

Include her in the preparations

Here is a list of things you can assign your junior bridesmaid that she can handle beautifully and she will feel like a valued member of the group.

- Making wedding favors - Attending shopping events - Helping attendants seat guests (especially parents and grandparents) - Passing out programs - Passing out confetti after the ceremony - Passing out seedlings as wedding favors is a popular idea that she can handle - Set up a candy buffet next to the reception cake and let her fill goodie bags for the guests - Give her an instant camera, photo book, and a few packages of film as a thank you gift. You will be amazed at some of the shots she takes.

Alternating roles

If your junior bridesmaid is your daughter or soon to be step-daughter, you may want to have her serve as a junior bridesmaid to honor her, but you may also want her to be part of the vow exchange. This is a part of many weddings where families are being blended. The parents write vows to the children to love and protect them. The parents can help the children in writing vows to the new members of the family. Don’t pressure her, just let her know she is being honored.

Including children in the wedding that have a special place in your heart is endearing and it helps get your union off to a great start.


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