Size Does Matter
The secret to a well fitting bra

Aug 24, 2018 02:49
by Missy

We wear them almost every day, for almost all of our lives, yet 80% of women are walking around in bras that are ill-fitting. 

An ill-fitting bra is uncomfortable, unflattering and could be causing us more harm than good, but many of us aren't sure what to do about it. 

"As a veteran in the lingerie industry one of the most common questions I get asked is “what’s the secret to a good fitting bra?” Fortunately, the answer isn’t mystical or illusive, quite simply; get a professional bra fitting," Marie Savvas, Founder/Creative Director at Palindrome said. 

"Bra fittings can be intimidating and one of those things easily put off like booking a Brazilian wax the day before your tropical vacation. Most girls avoid fittings or just don’t get around to doing it because it’s just not fun and we try to skirt around it by wear something that ‘looks like it fits’ well enough."

But the old 'looks like it fits' excuse isn't good enough, says Marie, who believes that it's important that women know their own size. 

"The key point here is that the basis of a good (or fabulous) fitting bra comes down to wearing your correct size. Sure, the shape is also an integral component but first we must understand the foundation of great foundations," she said. 

Palindrome has a great self bra fitting resource on their website that can help you, equipped with a mirror and tape measure, to correctly find your own size, and hold you in good stead until your next pro fitting. 

Find the guide here:  Guide to a Self Bra Fitting


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