Maximising Your Space With A Super King Sized Bed
'A nice problem to have...' we hear you say!

Oct 23, 2018 02:36
by Missy

Bedrooms can pose somewhat of a spatial dilemma. We want a big comfy bed but we also want enough floor space for when we aren’t snoozing. You may ask: How do I maximise space in my bedroom? With a super king size bed things can be even trickier, but don’t worry, solutions do exist!

Bed frame with storage

Some articles may recommend downsizing to a double bed to get more space out of your room, but we all know that the super king bed isn’t going anywhere. Instead of cutting down on your comfort, choose a bed frame with storage space in it. Put clothes or shoes in neatly hidden drawers and forego the need for an extra chest of drawers.


Decluttering seems obvious but it’s easy to become blind to our own mess. We’ve had items for years so we just hold onto them - whether they’re useful or not. It’s okay if you can’t pare your life back to utter minimalism, but ask yourself: does this have to live in my bedroom? Only keep essentials in your room and get rid of everything else (or at least store it in another room in the house). A cluttered space won’t help you feel calm when you come home from work seeking a haven. 

Maximise closet space

A major way to get organised is to maximise your closet space. As well as going through your clothes and donating anything you haven’t worn in the last year, we recommend separating your summer and winter wardrobes. You wouldn’t use a bikini and a snowcoat on the same day, would you? These are the ideal items to be stored in a separate closet at certain times of the year.

 Going forward try the ‘one in one out’ rule with your clothes to avoid hoarding and ensure that you actually wear all of your clothes (or at least most of them). Other ways to get the most out of your storage space are shelving units under hanging space or a collapsible shoe rack that can be hidden in your cupboard attached to a hanging rail. Anything that eliminates the need for extra furniture in your bedroom is a win.


Wall storage

If you’ve already organised your closet within an inch of its life and are still in need of storage space, wall mounting your TV or bookshelves is the way to go. Another tip is to designate one wall as a ‘closet wall’. If you’re not able to get a cupboard that takes up most of your wall, you can at least put all of your storage furniture on one side of your room. You’ll soon notice a pleasant difference if you don’t have to shuffle your way around various pieces of furniture.

Extra space saving tips

Smaller bedside tables and rectangular side tables instead of round Stacked shelves instead of side by side arrangement
Put ottoman at end of bed for seat and storage (multifunctional)
Window seat with hidden storage
Don’t centre the bed: designate one side with the majority of space so both don’t feel cramped (if you’re single you can even push it up against the wall)
Choose bed base/frame where your super king mattress fits on it instead of inside it (a super king size bed dimension is 203 x 203 cm but you can avoid taking up to 25 cm of extra space with this tip)

When setting up or rearranging your bedroom, be on the lookout for random nooks and crannies that could be used for storage. Get creative and remember to ask yourself, ‘Does this need to be kept in my bedroom?’ The combinations are endless but the main thing is to aim for multi function and efficiency - to make your bedroom the ultimate chill zone.

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