Stay Fashionable Without Sacrificing Sustainability

Sep 01, 2020 07:58
by Missy

Levi’s Leading The Way

Well before it was in vogue to be eco-friendly, Levi’s was focused on making responsible choices. So much so that they are a founding member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) the world’s largest cotton sustainability program.

In 1991 they took the ground-breaking steps to institute comprehensive Terms Of Engagement (T.O.E.) outlining their ethical and environmental standards, as well as employee wellbeing standards. Levi’s expectation is that these terms are not just for in-house. Everyone they work with must also commit to them, setting an industry-wide standard. Talk about using your influence for good!

Evolving For The Environment

Far from shying away from their environmental impact and its consequences, Levi’s has embraced the challenge. They are constantly reviewing their processes and putting measures in place to reduce their impact. With a commitment to use 50% less water in production by 2025, Levi’s introduced the Water<Less™ program in 2011. Since its inception this has saved more than 3 billion litres of water and recycled nearly 5 billion litres.

Additionally, Levi’s Screened Chemistry Program has been working hard since 2013 to find safer alternatives to the chemicals used in production of their clothing.

Have Pride In Your Purchasing

With a focus firmly on a sustainable future, Levi’s are continually innovating new fibre and fabric strategies that they believe can lead to more sustainable product with reduced environmental footprints. Originally showing up in Levi’s WellThread™ Collection, which is used to experiment and test the value of new sustainability initiatives, “cottonised hemp” has recently been introduced into Levi’s broader range. Compared to cotton, hemp grows faster, uses less water and leaves behind healthier soil for the next crop. Although sometime criticized for its rough texture, Levi’s have found a way to ‘cottonise’ its hand feel so it looks, and feels, just like cotton.

All this in addition to recycled denim and Project F.L.X. (Future Led Execution) which uses lasers to achieve the denim finishes Levi’s is known for without the chemical footprint.

With the same quality, love and care in every garment. Levi’s creates sustainable product with a focus on longevity. Keeping you looking great for longer, without environmental guilt.

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