Beauty Hack: Lashes
Fake False Lashes

Jessica Anne-Lyons

May 22, 2014 02:58
by Jessica Anne-Lyons

Are you a short-lashed lady looking for some help in the doe-eye department? Get wide-eyed with these little tricks that will change how you do your lashes forever!

• Step 1: Before curling your lashes, put your eyelash curler under the hairdryer for 30 seconds. Make sure to touch it first before you start to check that it isn’t too hot!

• Step 2: Apply your first few coats of mascara right from the root of your lashes. We recommend holding the brush horizontally, sweeping from root to tip while rotating the wand through your lashes.

• Step 3: When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, lightly press the wand onto your lashes (without touching your lower lash line), instead of running it through.

• Step 4: Then apply a black pencil liner to your upper waterline. Tightlining is a nifty trick that makes your lashes look as though they start farther back on the eyelid, thus making them appear longer and thicker.

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