2014 Summer lovin’ hairstyles that don’t ‘blow’ in the breeze
Hair goes romantic with messy texture, uber-volume - and a little embellishment.

Feb 01, 2014 10:04
by Rebecca Somerville

At a glance 2014 seems like a free-for-all in hair fashion and so it should be, it’s your very special and individual head.

All things being hair though, there is a leaning towards easy, messy, low maintenance hairstyles with a natural, effortless feel – whether it’s a tousled up-do with flower accessories, a parted flat-top blow dry, an out-of-the-surf wet look with dry ends, the still-trending sun-bleached balayage and ombre, grungy soft waves, an assertive ponytail or boho braiding.

Remember, you want to rock not bomb your fashionable hairstyle so choose according to your face-shape, hair type and skin tone.

Here’s how it’s done this summer…

A bit of effort to look effortless  - the scoop on beachy, grungy and still gorgeous 

Beach hair, bed hair, grunge glamour or any variation in between – it’s all in – what a bonus for a nation of women surrounded by beaches. But if you haven’t just walked out of the water at Bondi this hairstyle is easy to achieve with a bit of salt spray spritzing onto washed ends (try Bumble South Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble).

Once adequately spritzed, and depending on whether you like your beach look wavy or flat, you can scrunch or twist your hair around your fingers and blow dry, or apply a light curling wand for that seventh wave set. Kate Hudson and Kate Moss offer a good reference point for this style. 

This look can also be taken up a notch with the ever popular application of balayage – the French technique of painting dye onto hair to give a natural sun - bleached look (see Sarah Jessica Parker) and ombre – the hair-dipping colour technique which gives a graded toning effect from roots to ends and a similar bleached look (see Isabel Lucas and Drew Barrymore). We saw these toning effects on the catwalk and red carpet last year and they haven’t faded yet – pardon the pun!

Yay! Romance is back with beautiful, feminine accessories…

It seems that 2014 hair trends offer yet another creative way for women to invite romance into their lives. This time by way of flower and silky ribbon accessories. Fashion Week runways are showcasing accents of flowers braided or clipped into hairstyles as if they’ve fallen from a yoshino cherry and vibrant silk and organza bands of torn fabric, tied with a loose bow.

Uber-volume statement hair, tamed only by a delicate floral clip, is also featuring large which is great news for anyone with a whole lot of hair, a stack of friz or natural curls to work with. To achieve this big hair look towel dry or mist your hair with water then work in a volumising product that also holds curls like the Redkin Thickening Lotion 06 Body Builder or the Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Humidity Resistant Volumising Spray Mousse which adds its own back-combed look. You can also begin with the application of a dry shampoo (Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat MilkEnamel), working it from the roots to the ends. This is a hair industry alternative for holding curls.

Depending on your natural hair volume and whether or not you have curls or frizzy hair to work with, you may need to make a defined side part in your hair then set medium-sized curlers in (follow the contours of your part) or to go for some curling wand action once you have applied your volumising, curl enhancing product of choice. Once your curls are set take a teasing comb or brush and tease your hair all over, starting with the crown and working through in sections, then get scrunching and volume spraying again (try KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray). You can now add a few more defined curls with your curling wand, where you want them, Finally, comb across from the side part and add your feature clip of choice. Floral accessories can be found at www.bellasugar.com.au  and www.etsy.com or try finding vintage clips from local markets and fairs.

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