The Best Red Lipsticks, Tried And Tested: PART FOUR
The search for the best red lipstick took us to Ka’oir's Show 'N Tell , Nude Natural's Sassy, Lancome's 160 and our all time fave...

Jul 01, 2015 10:47
by Katie

This is the season where we reach for our trusty red lipstick, knowing that it will be able to brighten up even the most boring of winter outfits. 

Sometimes the pop of colour is all that it takes to bump up our mood, get us out of our trackies and out on the town. 

Red lipstick is the perfect colour but with so many different colours, textures and types out there, when it comes to choosing the perfect one, it is hard to know where to start. 

It would take you years of trawling through Priceline's aisles and every Myer counter before you had tried them all. 

To give you a helping hand, Missy has chosen her 15 favourites and has trusted them to her minion Katie, who tried and tested every one.

Here's part four... 


Ka’oir Lipstick in Show 'N Tell

This lipstick comes with matching red glitter!

I don’t think I have ever had so much fun applying a lipstick and as crazy as it sounds, I would actually wear this lipstick out, glitter and all.

While adding glitter to your lipstick seems a bit over-the-top, it is actually a really fun look! I loved being able to choose how much I wanted to apply.

All glitter aside, this lipstick is fabulous on its own as well!


Nude Natural Mineral Lipstick in Sassy

This is the kind of lipstick that I would wear every day.

It is definitely on the brown side of red, but I just had to share regardless – if you want a colour that will get you through any occasion, this is your lipstick!

You’ll need to reapply throughout the day but the colour is subtle, so you don’t need to stress about checking it every 5 minutes.


Lancome l’absolu Rouge in Rouge Amour 160

This is a lovely luxurious lipstick, which is really nice to wear.

What I love most about it is its classic colour and Lancome’s attention to detail – you know a special lipstick when the product is embossed with the brand’s iconic symbol, in this case, a beautiful rose. 

Keep this lipstick handy for any special occasion.



ALL TIME FAVE: Napoleon superlips in Bionic... 

This one is my favourite for so many reasons.

It is moderately priced, has a great colour, goes on super smoothly and is long wearing...

I wouldn't have guessed that this one would be my favourite (I had my money on a couple of the others that I tried) but I was impressed to say the least!  


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