8 beauty tools worth investing in
These expert beauty tools will make getting out the door on Monday morning much faster...


Nov 11, 2013 10:24
by Missy

We all know the things we should be doing as part of a smart beauty regime. Getting to bed early; drinking lots of water; applying sunscreen and night cream - these are all good. But on frantic Monday mornings, sometimes, a little cheating is called for. To help you get from bed to beautiful faster, here are 8 expert tools worth investing in.

1. Aquis Microfibre Hair Towel

These super absorbent towels extract most of the water from you hair fast.  And unlike regular cotton towels, this micofibre towel is light, so it's more comfortable to wear while you start your morning makeup regime. By the time you get to hair drying, it will be much faster as your hair will be partially dry.

2. Ionic Hair Dryer

Most hair dryers are great at getting hair dry, but they often leave your hair frizzy, a result of the positively charged static they generate. Ionic hair dryers dry with negatively charged ions, which neutralise static, and help retain moisture in the hair as they dry. While they are a generally more expensive, Ionic dyers work faster.

3. Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Cheap razors have a habit of inflicting nicks and cuts, causing red rashes and generally living up to their reputation as being disposable. Schick make a razor for women that contours to the body, moisturises as it goes, and just delivers smoother results.  All this helps you get your legs and underarms done much quicker. A high quality razor is an essential investment for best DIY hair removal, and the Schick Hydro Silk Razor let's you replace the head with new blades easily.

4. YLS Touche Eclat Wand

While not strictly a tool in the mechanical sense, we had to sneak this one in! Monday mornings are hard enough, but those dark circles under your eyes really do give away to many secrets to the boss. This magic wand lifts dark circles so you can fake a good nights sleep. Though not inexpensive, becoming eye-bag free in just minutes priceless.

5. Tangle Teezer

We have a lot to thank the Brits for, but who'd have thought I'd rate the Tangle Teezer right up there with the Rolling Stones for it's outstanding contribution to humanity? If you've ever had to brush out tangled curly hair on yours and 3 other heads before you leave the house, you'll understand what I am on about.

6. Eyelash Curler

It might seem a little excessive, but curling your lashes before you mascara really only adds another couple of minutes to your regime, and there are plenty of extra benefits, the main one being that your eyes instantly look bigger and more awake. There are a number of models out there, just make sure the one you choose is super at it's job. 

7. Tweezerman

Well kept eyebrows are really less effort with the perfect tweezer. Throw out all the useless one's you've been collecting over the years, and invest in a high quality pair from Tweezerman.  They remove hair so much more efficiently and less painfully.

8. VS Big Hair Styler

Big, full and bouncy hair is a trend that's making waves (boom-tish!) in the Missy HQ. Gone are the days of going to bed with curlers, this Big Hair Styler is all you need for added bounce. So retire your flat irons, and invest in a curl and dry as you go number, you'll be imitating Miranda Kerr's perfectly formed waves in moments.

Brought to you by Schick Hydro Silk.  
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