Beauty book review - Quick Looks: Beautiful Makeup in Minutes
Fast and fabulous beauty inspiration from Australian makeup icon, Rae Morris...

Nov 20, 2012 06:18
by Chloe Morello

Rae Morris is an Australian icon: the author of 5 books; famous the world over as a celebrity makeup artist; and the creator of the most desired makeup brush set on the market.

Her works and products are raved about on beauty blogs the world over. Having already bought a number of her books, I was very excited to read Morris’ newest work,  Quick Looks: Beautiful Makeup In Minutes.

This is a luxurious little book filled with awesome quick tips, stunning photography and striking yet simple makeup looks that any woman, of any level of makeup skill, could pull off in a matter of minutes.

Morris begins by giving some helpful ‘touch up tips’, then moves onto to prepping the skin, choosing the right foundation, highlighting, grooming the brows, and applying false eyelashes.

There’s a great section about which eye shadow colours you can choose to complement or contrast your eyes, a great reference to keep on hand.

A lot of the information throughout the book is aimed at teaching the reader the foundation of good makeup technique, however, dotted between are little gems of advice and quick tips I just had never thought of; the one that has forever changed my makeup routine is that it’s actually best not powder to your foundation in an attempt to make it last longer; all-day makeup is impossible, and so setting with powder will only make it impossible to reapply cream or concealer products to touch up later in the day.

I was most looking forward to seeing the makeup tutorials she comes up with, and was delighted to see that this time she’s done 25, very uncomplicated, but incredibly striking and original makeup looks for every occasion, age and skin tone.

Rae demonstrates to us that you don’t need to use twenty different products and spend hours in front of the mirror to achieve the look of a movie star.

The first one I’m dying to try is the ‘Atomic Orange’, a remarkable neon orange liner contrasting with a softly smudged brown shadow, something so simple yet incredibly eye catching!

Quick Looks is a wonderful book for inspiration and handy tips for the everyday woman, a definite must for the beauty lovers’ Christmas stocking!

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Quick Looks is published by Allen & Unwin www.allenandunwin.com

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