Beauty Hack: Liner
Master Winged Liner

Jessica Anne-Lyons

May 22, 2014 12:09
by Jessica Anne-Lyons

A vintage cat eye flick instantly dresses up your makeup look – but for beginners, it’s a tricky technique to master. Follow our simple step-by-step and you’ll be out–lining Alexa Chung in no time.

• Step 1: Pick a liquid liner with a thin tip. This will give you more control and precision. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, line your top lash line, staying as close to your lashes as possible. We recommend resting your elbow on something to steady your hand. It’ll cut the number of dirtied Q-tips you end up with in half!

• Step 2: Want perfect symmetry every time? Simply place a piece of sticky tape at the outer corner of your eye at a 45-degree angle. Using the tape guide, create a line that is about half a centimetre to a centimetre long.

• Step 3: Then join the end of the line you drew to your top lash line, creating a little triangle. Then simply fill it in!

• Step 4: For extra drama, finish with mascara on both the upper and lower lashes. If you do make a mistake, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and use it to swipe away any smudges.

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