How to get a bronzed complexion without using fake tan
Want some extra colour but don't want to use fake tan on your face? Bronzer is the answer!

Nov 07, 2013 10:53
by Chloe Morello

 Start with clean, moisturised skin. 


Step 1

Prime your skin with a NP Set Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer ($33). This will give the skin an instant bronze tint and prepare it for foundation! It really helps make your makeup last all day and sit better on your skin. Use a foundation brush or your fingers to apply.


apply pre-foundation bronzing primer

NP Set Pre-Foundation Bronzing Primer

Step 2

Apply a foundation like NP Set Memory Foundation ($38), this will even out skin tone and make your skin appear flawless! I recommend applying it with a paddle brush for the best coverage, or a buffing brush for a more natural effect.


apply foundation

NP Set Memory Foundation

Step 3

Set the foundation and prepare it for the bronzers and blush by applying NP Set Ready Set Loose Powder ($28). This will create a matt effect, blur imperfections, and help your makeup stay on even longer in the hot summer weather. Sweep it over the entire face with a large fluffy face brush.

apply powder

NP Set Ready Set Loose Powder

Step 4

To mimic the look of a natural tan, think about where the sun hits your face when you're out in the midday heat. It comes from above you so apply your NP Set Bronzing Powder ($24) to the top part of the forehead, the nose, up along the tops of the cheekbones and chin. It gives a very natural 'just out of the sun' look that is very convincing!

apply bronzer

NP Set Bronzing Powder

Step 5

Finally, to add a bit more colour and health to the face - take a warmer pink or peach blush like NP Set Baked Powder in 'Blush' ($25), and dust it lightly over the apples of the cheeks. This will really liven up the face and add a rosy glow.

finish with blush

NP Set Baked Powder in 'Blush'

And that's it! Be prepared for people to ask you if you just returned from a European summer holiday!

a natural, sun-kissed bronzed look


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It’s sale time at NP Set. Up to 70% off .

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