Save money by adapting your makeup from winter to spring!
Lighten up your look but not your wallet with these winter to spring makeup hacks!

Oct 13, 2013 01:29
by Chloe Morello

Now that winter has finally drawn to an end, you might wonder what will happen to the seasonal products you purchased during the colder months? They don't have to go into hibernation - here are some ways to take your winter makeup through to spring… and eventually summer!

As the weather warms up you don't want to be wearing a thick base, so the full coverage matte foundation you have been wearing during winter may be too much if there’s an extra warm day or two in spring. By mixing your moisturiser with a small amount of foundation you can create the perfect tinted moisturiser, tailored for you with just the right mount of coverage and no more uncomfortable cakeiness! 

During winter we all enjoy rocking the 'china doll' look, flawless skin with maybe a swish of pink blush to give a rosy look, but with summer on the way you can add another step to transition you through the seasons. Take your bronzer that has been locked away in a drawer from last summer, and begin to gradually and lightly apply it to the higher points on your face where the sun naturally falls! Afterwards apply your blush as you regularly would to add colour. 

Matte Lips were hot this winter, but a heavy lip isn't desirable as the weather heats up. Update your look without having to pack away your favourite shade of lippy. Try applying a lip balm to your lips, then taking a small amount of the lipstick on your finger and apply it over the top. You're left with a tinted lip balm in your favourite shade, with the option of upping the intensity by layering more lipstick - you can even top it off with clear gloss!

Winter is all about strong colours, bold, smoky eye looks and a porcelain-perfect complexion. But as that draws to an end you can find simple and understated ways to bring some colour into your makeup routine and keep it current. Try a green coloured eyeliner on the lash line, a blue mascara, or some golden shimmer to the inner corner of the eye.

There are so many small, simple, yet eye catching ways you can add a pop of excitement to your look without layering too much product and spending hours in front of your vanity!

What do you think of these money saving makeup hacks? Will you try them?

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