How to wear and apply red lipstick like a pro...
Learn how to get perfectly kissable red lips with this picture tutorial...

Feb 11, 2013 04:50
by Chloe Morello

The red lip is a classic, a look that will be stylish season after season and thus, should be perfected!

Firstly, you should choose a red that is right for you; warmer skin tones suit warm, golden, brown, and tomato red shades. Cooler complexions look great with the berry, brick, plum and bluer red tones. Really the best thing to do is try it on! If you don’t look sick, the colour is right for you.

Once you’ve found the colour, you can master the application. 

1. Start with bare lips, then, using a lip liner pencil the same colour as your chosen lipstick, line over the natural line of your lips, I like MAC Lip Pencil in Brick ($30). This will help to prevent the lip colour from ‘bleeding’ or ‘feathering’ throughout the night.

2. Next, fill in your lip colour, for a nice crisp line, definitely use a lip liner brush to trace the lipstick over the lip liner, then fill in the centre. I love the lip colour Hara by Napoleon Perdis ($35).

3. Now take a tissue, fold it in half, and press your lips to it, to blot of any excess lip product.

4. Take a translucent powder, using your finger or eyeshadow brush, apply this over your blotted lipstick to set it in place. A basic translucent powder like The Balm Sexy Mama Pressed Powder ($32.95) will do the trick!

5. Taking your lipstick once again, reapply all over the first layer of lipstick. This will make your beautiful red lip last for hours!

6. Finally, take a concealor on a brush and carefully trace around the outside edge of your lips just to erase any small mistakes and make the colour pop! I use the Make Up Store Cover All Mix ($52.00) And, you’re done!

You can leave your lips as they are for a classic or retro look for any occasion. But when you’re in need of a little extra glam; use a clear or matching gloss to add shine and give the illusion of plumper, fuller lips! And please, remember to keep the rest of your make up minimum when rocking this look, neutral shadows, simple liner and mascara are the best way to wear a beautiful red lip!


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