DIY Spring Racing hair using the Casual Curl
Plus, find out how to win a styling session with Brad Ngata!


Sep 11, 2014 04:24
by Missy

This week, we asked “the master” Brad Ngata (of Brad Ngata Hair Directions) to show Bella how to use the CasualCurl to create two hair styles for Spring Racing. Brad transformed Bella's dead-straight hair into a glamorous, full textured hair do. Then he showed us a neat trick to create a side sweep style that works with a fascinator, perfect for Spring Racing or a wedding. (if you haven't seen it yet, check it out here)

The great thing about the CasualCurl is that with one or two curlers at home, and your hair-dryer, you can create a glamorous style yourself, any time.

Having used the CasualCurl a few times now, I've learnt a few tips to ensure you can get this down to a 15 minute routine that ads great movement and style. Here is how I use it to get instant “done” hair.

Get your tools ready:

 Casual Curler (you can use one, but two is faster)
 Hair dryer
 Hair setting agent
 Hair clip – one big enough to hold the curler is useful.

Prep your hair:

 Your hair should have been washed one day earlier, or longer.
 Brush your hair thoroughly first, so it's easy to separate into sections.
 Prep each section as you go with a setting agent.

Start curling:

 Start at the back of your head, separating small sections to roll.
 The sections should be quite finer for bigger volume.
 Roll the curler so the hair-dryer end is at the bottom, this make attaching the hair dryer easier.
 Turn the hair dryer on for 1 minutes, then turn off.
 Leave the curler in your hair until completely cooled to get stronger results.

Time saving tips!

 While the hair curler cools, use this time to apply sun-cream and start applying make-up.
 Having two clips is perfect, as one cools, you can create a new curl. 
 A good setting agent will mean the curls last longer.
 Remember to keep the open end down, so you can angle up the hair-dyer, it's let awkward.

Check out CasualCurl for information on these curlers that attach to your hairdryer.



Want to win a styling session with Brad? 

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