Get Inside: Adore Beauty's Kate Morris Tells All
We go one-on-one with Kate to learn her top beauty tips and tricks

Apr 18, 2015 01:05
by Missy

While we classify ourselves as beauty lovers, we’re hardly experts so when we have the chance to nut it out with someone who really knows their stuff, we always jump at the opportunity.
Kate Morris is the founder and director of beauty website Adore Beauty, which is celebrating its 15th birthday, so we think it is fair to classify her as an expert.
She shared with us her beauty essentials, her daily routine and an imaginary product that we have to agree would be absolutely life changing.

Missy Confidential: 15 years is a big milestone for Adore Beauty and we can imagine that it signifies a lot for you. What makes it a super special birthday for the company?

Kate Morris: 15 years in business is pretty exciting no matter what business you’re in, but when you’re in online retail, 15 years is practically a lifetime! When I started back in 2000, there was no broadband, no smartphones, no iPads, no Facebook. I’m so proud that Adore Beauty has been able to grow and evolve through all the changes to remain Australia’s online beauty store.

MC: Beauty is clearly your thing; is there a reason why you were drawn to it in the first place and what has kept you going?

KM: I have loved beauty ever since I was allowed to crimp my hair and wear green eyeshadow to my grade 6 formal in 1989. I love the ritual of it, it always makes a big difference to my day to take just a few minutes out for myself. Even if you’re having a horrible day, a slick of lipstick or a coat of nailpolish can give you just enough confidence to get through it.


MC: What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

KM: The products I use change daily, but the routine is the same – I always cleanse morning and night (and double cleanse at night to remove makeup), in the shower with a Clarisonic or over the basin with a muslin cloth. After cleansing I use a serum and a moisturiser, and also a sunscreen religiously every morning. Usually I’ll also do a mask a couple of times a week.


MC: Is there a product that you simply can't leave home without?

KM: You mean just one?! Ha. I always wear sunscreen and mascara, and I always have lip balm in my handbag (usually Lanolips 101 Ointment).


MC: Living and breathing beauty must get exhausting, is there ever a day when you want to forgo the routine?

KM: Nope. I love it. Although sometimes I do get tired of doing the weekly fake tan, scrubbing it all off and then starting again. I don’t like doing my nails either, so I use a home gel polish (Red Carpet Manicure), that way at least I only have to do it once a fortnight.


MC: If you could invent a beauty product that is capable of doing anything, what would it be?

KM: I’d love a sunscreen injection that would last all year. I burn and freckle very easily so this would be a godsend.


MC: What are three products that you think every woman should use, or at least try?

KM: Hair powder. Best thing ever to give you a couple of extra days out of a blowdry. It’s better than dry shampoo as it also puts back the volume. I like Kevin Murphy Powder Puff.
Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks and Glossy Stains. Once you’ve had YSL you can’t go back. They are not cheap but they are totally worth it.
Cleansing oil. I highly recommend using a cleansing oil to remove makeup (instead of a foaming cleanser), especially if you wear heavy makeup or zinc-based sunscreen. It removes everything much more effectively and doesn’t dry your skin out. Clarins, Dermalogica and Alpha-H all make awesome cleansing oils.


MC: Have you ever come across a 'miracle' product?

KM: I don’t know about “miracle”… but when I’ve had a few busy days in a row and am starting to look a bit tired and haggard, I use Sodashi Brightening Mineral Marine Mask and then follow up with some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This combo always returns me to looking human again, which some days is pretty miraculous!


MC: What are the big beauty trends this season and how should we style them?

KM: Brows: This is a big one this season with the 70s fashion trend. Brows are heavier and less groomed, so if you have fair brows (like me) definitely invest in a tint or good brow product. A bold eyebrow really frames your face and brings out your best features. If you’re a little unsteady with your hands or want some guidance as to shape, try using a stencil like the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Hair: In keeping with the strong eyebrow theme, darker hair colours are making a comeback. Whether it means returning to your roots (literally) or simply experimenting with a completely new look, anything chocolatey, mahogany or chestnutty is the way to go. No big princess-y blow-dries either, you’re aiming for that relaxed 70s vibe.
Lips: Should look as natural as possible. Lip balm only, or if you must have colour, you can go for something very sheer like YSL’s new Volupte Tint-in-Oil. Personally I like to do just a dab of Benefit Benetint and follow with Lanolips 101 Ointment.

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