How to do a natural, no makeup look
Stick with the essentials for a natural, quick and easy look.

Jessica-Anne Lyons

May 13, 2014 12:43
by Jessica-Anne Lyons

Need a natural makeup look? This look can be easily adapted to suit any skin tone and is simple enough to achieve even when you’re running late. 

STEP 1: First up, you want to ace your base. Applying a multi-purpose product like BB Cream will help you conceal problem areas, even your skin tone and provide SPF, plus save you time! Use your fingers to blend about a pea-sized amount into your skin.

STEP 2: If you were up late with the girls, applying a liquid concealer under your eyes will help hide any bags and dark circles. Use your ring finger tip to gently blend it in.

STEP 3: For a healthy flush of colour, apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks using your finger tips to blend it out. Choose pink over red or orange for a more natural colour. 

STEP 4: Don’t forget your brows! These help to shape and frame your face, making your makeup and overall look more polished. Using either a brow gel or powder and an angled brush, outline the shape of your brows and then use a brow powder to fill them in.

STEP 5: For eyes, cream eye shadow in a shimmery champagne shade is easy to apply and doesn’t need as much precision as powder shadows. Use your finger tips to gently pat it onto your lids.

STEP 6: Black mascara can be a little heavy, so opt for a brown or clear formula. Shimmy the wand through your top and lower lashes for a subtle eye-opening effect.

STEP 7: For lips, keep it simple with a tinted lip balm or stain in a subtle pink shade.

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