How to Keep Your Health & Beauty New Year’s Resolutions
Our top 5 tips to prevent the dreaded February backslide...

Jan 28, 2014 06:11
by Sally Creagh

Well, January is now over. So how are your New Year's resolutions holding up? Has that rush of virtuous determination that took over you on New Year’s Day petered out or are you standing strong? If you feel yourself slipping, try these top tips to keep you on the straight and narrow.

1. Be prepared

Have you vowed to take better care of your skin this year? Then make it easy for yourself. Buy sunscreen in various sizes and keep small bottles everywhere: in the car; in your handbag; at work as well at home. And keep keep a foldable sun hat in your handbag so you have no excuse not to protect yourself when the sun is out.

Need to shed a few pounds? Keep healthy snacks like fruit and small boxes of nuts or miso soup sachets in all those locations too.

If unhealthy eating when you’re tired is your weakness, on the weekend, do a cook-off of healthy meals and stock your freezer with them to help you stick to your goals.

2. Do not be led into temptation

Can’t go past the chocolate aisle at the supermarket? Don’t let circumstances derail all your efforts! Have your shopping delivered.

Fill your mind with helpful not hindering info. Stock up on health and fitness magazines or anything that depicts your goal. Put away the food porn if that’s your weakness, and start googling for info that will help you get to where you want to be.

3. Stay motivated

Visualise yourself having achieved your goal. Articulate to yourself what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it, and why. Then write it down. Match those words with a picture that represents your goal and keep it on the fridge. Take a photo of it and make it the home image on your phone and computer; you can also use deterrent images if that works for you. Just keep up the reminders.

4. Give yourself something to look forward to

If you vowed to get healthier, clear your pantry of tempting junk. Stock up on delicious but healthy staples that you can look forward to eg a breakfast parfait of blueberries, almonds and Greek yoghurt.

One day a week, allow yourself some little treats, but make it a set day rather than deciding on the spur of the moment “Today is treat day”. A piccolo bottle of champagne is one way to get some bubbles without over doing it.

Go for high quality treats rather than junk. For example smoked salmon with lemon rather than takeaway; dinner at a Japanese or Thai restaurant rather than the greasy spoon or that fancy but fat-tabulous restaurant.

5. Keep calm and carry on

If you blow it one day, just put it behind you and keep going. One or two slip-ups doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel! This is what derails most people from achieving any goal - the all-or-nothing attitude, so don’t fall into that perfectionist trap.

Most things worth doing can be achieved by steadily chipping away at them. Cut yourself some slack and readjust the timeline. It’s better to get where you want to go a little later rather than not getting there at all. Just keep orienting yourself towards your goal and returning to it, and you’ll get there.

What are your tips for sticking to your resolutions?

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