How to leg it! Your DIY kit for great pins
All you need to bare your legs ready for summer, now.

Nov 05, 2013 07:43
by Missy

You might have neglected your legs all winter and covered their dry and scaly appearance with a pair of snazzy leggings, but those lazy cover-alls aren't going to help you when the temperature is higher than Lou Reed at an after show party (god bless him).

Summer is the time when legs must be reintroduced to the greater world, and that my friend, requires some preparation. To ensure your legs make their debut at the next BBQ or summer party looking their very best, check out our DIY kit and take action now.

1. Exercise
We all agree here at Missy HQ, that Ms Mon's exercise regime has gained her the most sculptured legs in the office, and it's all down to regular walking and the occasional jog.

2. Exfoliation
Get yourself a loofah, or a fuzzy glove, and mix up some home made sugar scrub. It's easy to make, and oddly, also quite delicious added to the top of a muffin before baking. 

2 cups brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup almond oil
1 tbs pure vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together in an recycled jar, and keep in the shower and use it 1-2 times a week.

3. Hair removal
You might like waxing (are you mad?), but I'm a long time razor girl, and my favourite shaving partner is Schick Hydro Silk. Aside from all jokes about buying the company, I'll never go back to a cheap and nasty, this razor loves my legs. The blade has a built in moisturiser - which means no drying soap suds are needed during shave time, and it's impossible to nic yourself. It's quite seriously awesome.

4. Moisturiser
Pick any moisturiser to suit your budget, but from experience, let's just say regular application of a moderately priced moisturiser does the trick. And if it smells fabulous, then you're more likely to use regularly right? At the minute I'm a fan of Mor Blood Orange Body Butter and India Hicks Island Living Body Cream.

5. Pedicure
If you want your feet and toes to look their buffed best, book in with the pros for a pedi. But if time and budget demand you do it yourself, then treat yourself to a neutral coat of paint like this new favourite from Napoleon Perdis.

6. Platforms 
Didn't get to the gym at all in 2013? Me neither. But I did spend a lot of time walking fast in heels, which absolutely counts as exercise. Wearing heels also creates the illusion of toned calves, and of course, makes your legs appear longer.  This summer I'll be sporting platforms that give me more height on a smaller heel (I love these ones from Mimco!).

Brought to you by Schick Hydro Silk.  
Want to try a free sample and test it for yourself? Head over to Schick Hydro Silk facebook page here for your chance to get a free sample.free sample

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