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Jun 19, 2014 11:09
by Missy

Manicare gave three Australian bloggers the chance to reflect on the iconic Australian brand and it's products recently. And you know the funny thing? I never stopped to think about how many Manicare products I had in my own bathroom cabinet, quite a tally in fact!

Our house has a collection of 5 pairs of Manicare clippers, and the largest ones even have a nickname -  "the fulcrum" -  due to their quite serious appearance and size. My favourite however, is the Rotary clipper swivel, and that's because they are easiest to grip when trimming the nails of wriggling little people.

Apart from that, I've been using Manicare's cuticle trimmer and the pusher for a few years. They are exactly what you need to push back creeping cuticles gently. Lately I've been loving using them with my Revitanial cuticle softener, the two together work a treat.   Do you have a favourite Manicare tool? Please do share in the comments. 

Ps - don't forget to enter the comp to win the win the ulimate day of indulgence day of indulgence in Sydney with three of your friends!!

Ally from Substance


Lucy from She Shopped


Phoebe from Lady Melbourne:

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