How to get Nicole Kidman's amazing swirling braided updo
Nicole does it again with this swirling braided bun, c'est magnifique!

Jun 09, 2013 03:19
by Sally Creagh

When we saw Nicole Kidman’s messy, braided, swirling updo in images from Cannes, it rocked our socks right off! Literally, our feet were freaking freezing! After close study, we’ve come up with a 7 step tutorial on how to get this incredible look, which would be stunning for a wedding, formal or other special occasion.

Step 1. This look requires a lot of texture in the hair, and is not one to attempt while your hair is at its glossy, shiny best. After washing your hair, comb it through with a load of mousse. Then tousle it with your fingers while you blow dry it.

Step 2. Set your hair in hot rollers but don’t brush or comb the hair beforehand. You don’t have to leave them in for long - 5 minutes will do.

Step 3. Comb through your hair with your fingers to separate the ringlets. It should now be a loose mass of textured curls.

Step 4. Take a section of hair at the front of the head and back comb lightly to give it some lift. Do the same with the hair at the crown and back of the head.

Step 5. Part your hair on the side to the right, then take the side with the most hair, and begin a french braid starting at the left of the crown of the head. Do this loosely, forming a diagonal line across the back of the head from left to right, ending just above the nape of the neck. Continue paliting the hair to the ends and secure with a clear elastic band.

If you have very thick hair, you may want to do this process in two sections. Just divide the hair into an upper and lower section, keeping both going diagonally across from the top left of the crown to the right of the nape.

It looks like Nicole may have had some blonde weaves added about half way through the braiding process, neatly hidden under, and braided through her own hair. This has added the length needed and given her braided swirl great definition.

Step 6. Working from the outside in, form the braid into a swirl, pinning the edges to the head securely every few inches as you go. Pin the thin end of the braid securely to the centre of the swirl.

Step 7. Run your fingers through the whole thing, loosening and pulling out random locks here and there, so that the bun comes away from the head a little and sits lower towards the nape of the neck. This is meant to be messy! Then to finish, spray the whole lot with a tonne of high hold hairspray, and give it a final once over with the hair dryer.

Voila! You’re elegant, you’re dazzling, you’re Nicole!

For a picture tutorial check out this awesome blog post at hairromance.com. 

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