The Tricks Of Using Dry Shampoo
You might be surprised, there’s more to using dry shampoo than meets the hair.

Rachel Eleanore Sutton

Oct 14, 2014 02:52
by Rachel Eleanore Sutton

They say you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday, but anyways, who would want to! Our mornings are precious, so pockets of saving time is essential. Naturally, dry shampoo has become a popular alternative for in-between cleanses. It absorbs the oil that makes our hair look greasy without drying out our scalp, while also providing a fresh, fragrant boost. Many of us spray it on and go, but there’s actually more to it than that. Coming in the form of a spray or a powder, spray or sprinkle the dry shampoo onto your scalp in key areas such as the top of your head and your fringe area. If you’re using a spray, hold the can 6 inches from you head and spray, holding the can at a distance will help avoid build up. Dry shampoo isn’t intended for application on the top of your hair! Lift your strands and get the product onto your roots to remove grease and add natural-looking volume. Before you start styling, let it sit about two minutes. Don’t freak if there’s a little white residue at first! It will go away after a minute or so when the shampoo settles, and you can remove the excess when you style or comb through your locks. If you happen to completely overdose certain spots, you can add a little serum to those areas and then blow dry them out, or just keep brushing your hair until it completely absorbs the product. Multiple rounds are OK, but after three rounds, it’s time to head to the showers.

Using dry shampoo is a classic trick (the first ads featured the famous supermodel, Twiggy). When done correctly, it can quicken your getting-ready time and/or add oomph and style to your hairdo — be it day or night. Here, we’ve selected a few of our favorite products.

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