Top Ten Tips for Beautiful Nails
Classic or creative, find a nail style for you...

Jun 02, 2013 09:29
by Chloe Morello

Nail art is everywhere, which I credit to social media, where sharing what's on your nails is just as prevalent as sharing what you had for lunch. Read my ten nail tips and don't forget to hash tag #nailart when you share yours!

1. Having pretty nails starts with a pretty nail bed - there's nothing worse than scraggly cuticles! Try an oil like CND Solaoil which contains natural oils and antioxidant agents that penetrate into the nail plate to promote healthy cuticles and strong and flexible nails - $13.95.

Another favourite is Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, a buttery and rich cream made with natural and cruelty free ingredients that you can lather over your cuticles to keep them soft, healthy, neat and tidy! $6.50

2. Having a good nail buffer and file is also a necessity, they'll need to be shaped and polished with this product to stay strong and healthy. Use the file to make swift strokes in the one direction, and the buffer to remove the natural ridges in your nails to give them a shiny finish. Try Manicare 4 Way Buffer Block $8.49

3. Every girl needs a perfect red nail polish. It's always in style and suits absolutely everybody! My favourite reds are OPI Big Apple Red $19.95 and Revlon Classic Nail Enamel in Fearless $13.95.

4. Another nail essential is a  good nude nail polish. It's suitable for any occasion and always looks chic and clean. It can be hard to find the right shade though - if you get the wrong undertone it can look like you have some kind of fungal infection!  Eek! The best one I've found for my neutral undertone is OPI Pretzel My Buttons $19.95 but you could try Face of Australia Nail Enamel in Foxy Roxy, as it has got a similar effect to the nude but would suit a multitude of skin colours, $6.95.

5. Top Coat is a nail polish necessity and will keep the nail polish looking glossy, as well as preventing fading and chipping. Maybelline Salon Manicure Top Coat is a great one for $10.95 and so is Revlon Colorstay Top Coat, $16.95.

6. Revlon just released an awesome new product in nail art: Moon Candy. This is a handy little product that creates a beautiful opal effect on the nail. One end is a dark base coat, and the other is the top coat which has 'mylar' sparkles in a clear glossy polish. You can customise the nails in many ways with this product. Try applying the darkest colour to the tip of the nail like a 'French' manicure, then the mylar top coat over the whole nail! Funky! Moon Candy is available from Priceline for $15.95.

7. A really fun way to make your nails the most fancy in the room is to use glitter! I'm sure you know that you can buy glitter nail polishes already, a good one is Australis Nail Glitter Top Coat $7.95, but I find that I actually get the most concentrated glitter effect if I buy some loose glitter from a makeup or craft store. I then apply a base coat, can be clear or any other colour, and immediately either sprinkle the glitter over the nail or dip my nail right into the glitter pot. The glitter sticks to the wet nail polish! Then you can just wait for it to dry and apply a glossy top coat! Once again there are many ways you can customise this, try different patterns and densities!

8. 1000 Hour stick on nails actually work very well and only take minutes to apply! Such a quick fix but they really make a statement. These Metallic Nailz are in silver, but 1000Hour also offers an array of colours and effects like French nails and patterned. 1000 Hour stick on nails are $12.99 from Priceline and work so well I'm going to need one in every colour, thanks!

9. Nail Stickers are something that definitely require practice to look good, but when you've 'nailed' it (excuse the pun) they look incredible! Nail stickers come with some really fancy nail designs on them already, like lace and animal prints, which means you don't have to spend hours trying to master nail art. I love Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in this tribal print for $13.99 and Vixen Nail Bling in a diamond effect for $7.99.

10. Nail decals are another very easy to take your nails to the next level. Decorate your plain or painted nails with miniature stickers in a range of colours, shapes and sparkes that are very easy to apply, just stick them in the desired position and finish with a top coat! These 1000Hour Diamonte Stones are $5.99 and the Models Prefer Nail Wear Stockers in this pretty bow and princess crown theme are $7.99. If these look too much for you try just applying to a 'feature' nail, like the ring finger, for a cute accent!

Do you like decorative nail art, or are you a classic red or French manicure girl? Let us know in the comments section below!

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