Winter Hair Care
From hat head to super frizz, winter can be a shocker for your hair...

Jun 26, 2013 02:21
by Sally Creagh

Most people think summer is the time to take extra care with their hair, knowing the harsh sun, sand and salty seawater can wreck havoc on your tresses. But winter can pose just as many problems: brittleness, frizz and hat head to name a few. But lo! We have the solutions! Read on!

1. Dry and brittle hair

Winter time means many hours of indoor heating, and that’s like having a hair dryer on you the whole time, on top of the drying and styling you may already do.

SOLUTION: You need rich conditioning treatments, like leave in hair masks or hot oils to get some moisture back into the hair. One of the best is Moroccan Oil. You could also use coconut or olive oil that has been gently heated. Slather on your oil of choice when the hair is damp (avoiding the scalp) then wrap it in plastic wrap or a towel and leave for half an hour or overnight.

Don’t forget to eat oil rich foods like nuts or avocados or take vitamin E capsules. Additionally, if you’re not going anywhere, leave your hair unwashed for a few days and brush vigorously to get the natural oils all the way to the ends. And try to avoid the hair dryer as much as possible, let it dry in the warmth of the heated room or overnight.

2. Damp weather frizz

This is probably the biggest hair complaint in the colder months. You slave over a hot pair of straightening irons, only to go outside in the drizzle, and bing - instant frizz. 

SOLUTION: First of all you have to avoid products that have a high alcohol content as they strip moisture from the hair. Also, switch from gels to cremes as they will help weigh down the hair. Try the John Frieda Frizz Ease Finishing Creme on straightened hair, then be sure to cover your hair with a scarf before going out in the rain.

3. Flaky scalp

When it’s cold and dry the lack of humidity can encourage your scalp to shed. This might be happening when you also get dry skin on the face. If you have chapped lips the same thing is most likely happening to the skin on your head.

SOLUTION: You will need to use a scalp treatment like T/Gel to keep those flaky bits at bay. This formulation contains coal tar and salicylic acid which clear the build up of flakes and reduce itching.

4. Hat head

We’ve all been there. That cute beanie you donned before you went out has become a dome of doom, pasting your hair to your head at odd angles, revealed when you whip the hat off, giving you the classic hat head look.  

SOLUTION: The secret is to try to arrange your hair before you put on the hat so that it tumbles out in the style you want. A hat traps heat so it’s like putting one of those 60s dryer caps on - that is, whatever shape your hair is pulled into under that hat is being set!

If you have long tresses - twist them up on top of your head, using a cloth covered hair tie or pins to secure them, then put the hat on; for shorter hair - brush your hair straight back before putting the hat on, then tousle it when you take it off.  

5. Winter styles

If all else fails and your hair is simply uncontrollable when loose, then you need to rock some frizz-friendly styles, pronto!

SOLUTION: Top knots and buns work well as they stop the frizz and protect hair from drying elements. Comb the hair into a high ponytail on the crown of the head, part into two sections, then loosely wind them around the base, each section going in opposite directions. Secure with pins, then spray the hell out of it with a high hold hair hair lacquer. Messy braided styles worn over the shoulder (like Kim Kardashian) or in an updo (like Kristen Stewart) are perfect for winter as it doesn’t matter how frizzy they become.


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