Could Touche Eclat be the makeup equivalent of the metallic tee?
Missy Trials YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Pen and Foundation

Oct 29, 2012 12:40
by Missy

Rather than being a concealer, this "magic wand" works instead as a highlighter to bring light and eliminate dark shadows and dark circles. It works in a clever way by adding a light reflective surface to effectively illuminate the areas you apply it to. It's like an optical illusion, it just camoflauges any area prone to shadow.

It's important to point out, a highlighter is different to a concealer. A concealer is generally heavier and is meant to mask or cover. The beauty of the Touche Eclat pen is its lightness and fluidity, which makes it better suited to the fragile skin around your eyes particularly. But also, it ensures you don't get that caked on look, it's much lighter, and blends more evenly.


Here are some common trouble spots where a highlighter can really work wonders:

Brighten the dark circles around the eyes:
And this includes your eyelids, the inner corner of your eyes beside your nose, and the area underneath your eyes. Just dot the highlighter on any dark patch and blend gently with your finger.

Fade out the crease under your lip:
Directly under your bottom lip, you know that little hollow that creates a dark shadow? That's another spot that can be illuminated with Touche Eclat.

Lighten the dark shadows near your nose:
Beside your nostrils, hit those dark shadows with the highlighter and blend.

Lighten the smile lines around your mouth:
This is the hardest area to disguise,but adding highlights to this area can help minimise wrinkles.

Add highlighter to the area above your brow and the tip of your nose to give you a dewy, fresh complexion:
After you add foundation or powder, you'll inevitably have a flat and matt finish. Add dimension and contour with a hightlighter pen. The best spots are above your eyebrows, on your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and the inner corners of your eyes.

The bottom line...

As a girl who is often burning the candle at both ends, Touch Eclat pen and foundation are both illuminating products (seriously!) that have each earned an honorary and permanent place in my handbag.

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