Concealer Masterclass
It's not as easy as it seems! Get better results with the correct use of concealers...

Mar 26, 2013 11:10
by Chloe Morello

Do you suffer from hyper pigmentation? Acne? Dark under eye circles? Concealer can hide a multitude of skin problems, IF you know how to use it! Confused by purple, green, yellow and pink concealers? You wouldn’t be the first person, but when you take a look at a colour wheel it begins to make sense, read on to learn how to conceal and hide ANY blemish!

A lot of people suffer from dark under-eye circles that are either hereditary or caused by tiredness. The grey/blue colouring of the skin under the eyes makes the face look tired and old, and that’s when you can use a pink coloured concealer to brighten the area.

If you take a look at a colour wheel, red and orange are roughly opposite of blue and green, so using a salmon or warm pink (do not use a cool pink – remember that blue and pink create purple so beware of that) toned concealer should counteract those unwanted under eye circles! Start out by applying a little of the product, and then blend with the warmth of your finger. You can then take a little bit of foundation on a soft brush to blend over the top ensuring the colours are seamless and blended.

Another colour that a lot of people might find useful to use is mustard or green toned concealer to conceal redness on the skin, I find the mustard is good for everyday as its easier to blend into my skin tone, the green is good if you have a dark red or pink blemish covering a larger area of the face – maybe a birth mark or rash.

Because I suffer from the odd pimple and acne scarring, I reach for a mustard concealer daily. Using a small brush or cotton tip, I dot over the individual blemish and blend out again with the warmth of my finger. Once more, I take a small amount of foundation on a soft brush and blend over to ensure my skin tone is even and no concealer is visible. The biggest mistake is not blending the colour out correctly – the last thing you’d want is a big patch of green on your skin!

Other colours used to conceal that one might come across are blue and purple, used less often than the green and pink although useful if you wish to counteract yellow bruising, a fake tan mishap or a sallow skin tone!

Of course, neutral concealers are the most used, and are great for brightening up more general areas such as around the mouth or nose where the skin can look uneven.

Using a highly pigmented concealer product matching your skin tone evens and brightens up the area which is especially important around the mouth if one enjoys wearing a bright lipstick or gloss!

Familiarise yourself with multi-toned concealers and you can correct any skin issues in minutes, some great concealer palettes are the Napoleon Pro Palette Concealer - $55, and the Make Up Store Cover All mix $52.


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