Cold Comfort: Outerwear That’s Oh-So-Cool
20 killer coats that will make facing the frigid winter weather that little bit easier...

Jun 10, 2013 12:40
by Natasha Saroca

Here at Missy Confidential, there are lots of things we hate about winter: the biting chill in the air - not cool (pun intended); the sunsets at around 5pm (how uncivilised!); and the fact that the possibility of coming down with a nasty cold sometime between now and spring is oh-so-very high. Uh-oh, is that a sniffle we feel coming on?

That being said, there are a few things that make winter infinitely more bearable. Like having an excuse to indulge in your favourite comfort foods (out with the summer salads, and in with lots of sticky date pudding!), the blissful realisation that you can let your leg landscaping routine slide (for the next few months, anyway), and finally being able to layer like a boss, with every singlet-plus-shirt-plus-sweater ensemble topped off with a killer winter coat, of course!

This season, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for cold-weather coats that are chic and cosy. As well as the usual suspects – you know, the classic black coat, the military style coverall, the ever-popular parka and the stylish double-breasted design – expect to see lots of oversized outerwear, capes, prints, (faux) fur and metallic tones on the racks this winter. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely excited about this season’s drop of stylish toppers...

Whether you’re looking for an edgy duffle, or a classic tailored trench is more to your liking, here are 20 cool coats that are sure to pull you out of your mid-winter slump, during the chilly months ahead.


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