10 romantic outfits to wear while you stay in bed watching Netflix.
Gingerlilly is what to wake up wearing when you plan to stay in bed all day.


Mar 04, 2014 08:46
by Missy

So, have you done the “netflix thing”? Then before you can Say Anything, or fall for any of these Pretty in Pink pjs, or start daydreaming about Midnight in Paris, I want you to think about your perfect wet weather day.

First up - you've jumped through the grey hoops required to get a Netflix account. Two, the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted rain, rain, and more rain. Three,  the fridge is stocked with Nudie smoothies. Four, you've narrowed down your selection of favourite Rom-Coms to your top 3.

Now look down.

What are you wearing?

This is where Gingerlilly come in. You've probably discovered this hip Australian brand already in one of your favourite boutique stores. Well, this season, their collection brings inspiration from the far east and beyond, with opulent fabrics, and exotic prints in styles that simply tick all relaxed elegance boxes.

Let's just say, whether you're 40 Something, or have Friends with Kids, or if you're just one of many Beautiful Girls, whose answers to the question, “What do you think of paisley satin slips,” is a resounding “Love Actually!!”, then Netflicks romantic comedy's plus Gingerlilly equal rainy day utopia!

Check out what's new at www.gingerlilly.com.au

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