CYLK Autumn/Winter 2013 Look Book
Cylk: thought it was just a basics brand? Think again...

Mar 12, 2013 03:58
by Sally Creagh

This Autumn/Winter Cylk has expanded its range from their signature seamless bodywear pieces into a full ready-to-wear collection, and what a collection it is!

The I Wake Up Dreaming collection features classic but on-trend silhouettes that are perfect for updating your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter - including skinny pants, biker jackets, cylinder skirts, bustiers, tuxedo jackets, a classic trench, plus the bodysuits and slips they have been known for.

With an emphasis on craftsmanship, these pieces have been given an edgy, modern twist through the choices of fabrics and colour.

Each piece stands on its own, but the most noticeable thing about this collection is how well curated and co-ordinated it is. You could pair almost any two (or three) pieces and they would look harmonious together. This is primarily achieved through the use of a sublimely subtle palette of tertiary colours: warm greys, silver, midnight blues, inky blacks, in addition to the accent colours of chartreuse, bilberry and toffee. Grey and white patterned digital prints keep it modern, but highly wearable.

The individual pieces have been so well selected and edited that this is almost like a capsule collection -  these are the kind of pieces that will still be working hard in your wardrobe years from now.

Another thing that every piece in this collection has in common is the use of premium, but contemporary fabrics, which bring some everyday luxury into your wardrobe. This gives the collection a kind of fashion gravitas, if you will; that is, these are the kind of pieces that immediately hit you as beautiful, but they’re the kind that will stay beautiful and not look dated this time next year. And who wouldn't like that? 

So where can you get your hands on these elegant threads? Click here to find out. 

Cylk offers a complimentary styling service both in store and online http://www.cylk.com.au/your-stylist; plus free shipping for all Australian online orders!

Find Cylk online:

Web:  www.cylk.com.au

Twitter: @lovecylk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovecylk

Instagram: cylk

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