Great Kate! How to get Kate Middleton's glossy locks at home
To celebrate the birth of the royal sprog, we thought we’d treat you to a “how-to” on Kate’s other famous production: her super glossy hair...

Jul 11, 2013 11:36
by Sally Creagh

Kate’s hair has always been her standout feature. Not slavish to trends in terms of colour or cut, Kate has always kept it classic, concentrating on keeping her locks thick and super shiny. Hmmm... wonder if now Kate has had the baby she will be doing the greasy top knot and tracksuit look familiar to many new mums... somehow, we don’t think so!

Anyone who has below collarbone length hair can have a go at getting Kate’s look. Here's how in 4 easy steps!

1. Condition, condition, condition!

Keeping your locks in tip top shape like Kate's takes less time than you think and mostly involves knowing what your hair type is and using the right products. Ask your hairdresser to confirm your hair type at your next appointment and stick to the shampoos and conditioners that will control frizz, flyaways and avoid lankness.

Additionally, everybody can do with a good conditioning and repair treatment once a week. Make it convenient by finding something you can use in the shower, just replace your regular conditioner with a high quality treatment like Joico K-pak reconstructor, or Loreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Masque.   

2. Colour

You won’t be seeing any ombre pink and blond dye jobs on Kate. If you want her look you’ll need block colour. Unlike the damaging effect of bleaching the hair, going darker (in Kate’s case, a rich mahogany) actually coats the hair, allowing you to focus on building up shine to give it visual interest. For home hair dyers, try Loreal Paris Excellence creme in number 5 brown then follow with Toni & Guy Glamour Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse to create a super reflective shine.

3. Cut

Kate only ever slightly varies the cut of her hair, favouring long well trimmed tresses, straight at the back.  The most she has ever done is cut a diagonal layer across the front last year. This not only added movement to her hair, it helped to frame her face and allowed her curls to achieve a little more more body.

4. Styling

Kate achieves her signature look by straightening her hair before adding any curls. After washing, use a spray on conditioner before blow drying. Use a flat brush when the hair is nearly dry to smooth out kinks. Then turn your head upside down, and rub a handful of mousse into the roots and continue to blow dry, this will give it lift. Try John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry lotion. Separate the hair into manageable sections and use your straightening irons to smooth out the whole head. Then use either a barrel wand, like the Remington Big Pro Curls for the loose waves we’ve seen during her pregnancy or or a styler like Vidal Sasson’s Big Hair for the kind of sweeping, generous flicks from her “just engaged” period.

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