Wearable Art
If you’re walking around in ZOYZ, you’re wearing a work of art.

Jul 31, 2015 12:35
by Katie

Wearing a pair of ZOYZ leggings is quite literally like wearing a very colourful work of art.

Surface artist turned fashion designer, Zoya Kraus, is officially launching her fashion brand ZOYZ later this year but her line is quite different to your average.

Zoya is not only designing the clothing in her line, she’s also designing every one of the printed fabrics that will be featured.

The result is a line of incredibly unique pieces of clothing and accessories, each with a different colourful flavour.

The designer has come from a background as a surface artist, where she has painted on everything from shoes to surf boards.

“In 2012, I held my second solo exhibition as a surface artist, which sold out on opening night. Two of the buyers were in the fashion industry and both were interested in turning my paintings and designs into apparel textiles,” Zoya said.

“I worked with one of those designers on a collaboration, that didn't eventuate, but as a result I saw a space in the market to fill with my own unique style. I realised my art was a natural fit for the Apparel and Homeware Textiles market and decided I wanted to create my own label based on wearable art.”

And wearable it is…

“I love my brand and I wear it. I like statement pieces; I live my life with statement. I live my life with a crazy, kooky energy and my buyers love it. People like that, they like that they've never seen anything like this before, that it’s original and has an edge to it,” she said.

A selection of super cool street shoes has just been released for pre-sale by the label - it’s a limited edition range of Italian made bespoke leather shoes.


ZOYZ will be launching officially in September at the Silent Earth runway show at Brisbane Powerhouse. 


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