Kids' gift guide: non-battery toys
11 top toys that use only the power of the imagination...

Nov 25, 2013 09:41
by Sally Creagh

Yep. Every parent has been there. Santa’s been there too. You give the kids this year’s hot toy - that robo-car that flies; that annoying talking thing; that beeping thingy - and you forget the batteries!

Oh woe!

The sorrow is quite unbearable, and that’s just how the parents feel. There will be no peace until the shops open on the 27th and that’s a mighty long time. Even when you do remember the batteries, they’ve run out before New Year. Here at Missy HQ we found that last Christmas’ hot battery-gobbling toys had lost their allure after a short time period anyway. The whole thing is costly and not very relaxing.

But lo! We have a solution!

Here’s our pick of toys and fun gifts that don’t require batteries.

Apart from saving your hiney if you are the forgetful type, this choice of toy is better for the environment, better for the kids’ brains, and most importantly better for your sanity.

The best toys or games are those that don’t tell the child how to play. Anything that encourages creativity is ideal as it can be used in multiple, original ways and therefore remains interesting for longer. All these toys fulfill that criteria, and should retain their appeal beyond the summer holidays.

The toys of yesteryear were all non-battery and have stood the test of time because they are truly engaging in ways that a 'beeping thingy' could never be. Don't forget to include one or two of these old faithfuls on Santa's list: checkers/backgammon/chess sets; Battleships; stamp and ink pad sets; and Russian dolls. Finally, a couple of packs of cards equals hours of fun playing solitaire, concentration, building card houses or playing Old Maid. And what’s more, these toys are readily available everywhere!

So, will you resist the craziness and try some of these battery-free winners this Christmas?

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