Cake 2 The Rescue
Now your cakes really will look like the ones in the photo!


Does your sister makes cakes that look better than the ones in the Women's Weekly Birthday Cakes cookbook? Mine does.

Are your cakes a lot more abstract, more free form, cakes that might be described as "an artist's impression" of the ones in the book? Mine too.

Then you my friend, deserve to be in on a little secret.

My friend (who shall remain nameless Monique!!) suggested Cake 2 the Rescue would be a great help for a girl like me, a girl with more ''free form'' cake decorating skills, and never enough time in the day. 

You see, it's too easy!!  You pick the cake design, and Cake 2 the Rescue will send you a kit box with EVERYTHING you need to make it picture perfect.





Thank you to everyone who entered!

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