10 ways to make your home look expensive – on the cheap
Burdened by expensive taste but lack of necessary funds? No worries! Here are some easy ways to make your home look more luxurious for less.

Claudia Stephenson

Jul 17, 2014 01:07
by Claudia Stephenson

1. An arrangement of fresh flowers completely transforms a room. Go to your local fruit and veg shop and stock up on a few bunches of the same flower in the one hue to get that chic, clustered look. Try peonies, roses, tulips or just greens – whatever takes your fancy. This one is foolproof!

2. The next step is to work on lighting. Overheads, if not installed purposefully, usually tend to be too harsh and do nothing for ambiance. Use lamps in every room to temper the mood with low-voltage globes in soft-yellow light. If you’re scant on lamps, use bunches of IKEA Fenomen candles, ($10) to add ambiance.

3. Clutter – unless it’s perfect Megan Morton clutter – makes a space feel uncomfortable. Take some time to assess what you really want to display. Ask yourself: ‘Does that plate my nana gave me reflect my personality or is it out for sentimental purposes only?’ You don’t need to toss anything – just refine your collection and store those that don’t suit the look of the home.

4. Have a lot of bits and bobs? Be your own curator and help them tell a story. Group items together using the basic rule of three and classic pyramid shapes. Look to magazines like Real Living for inspiration.

5. Long curtains completely transform a room. A pool of silk or gauzy linen framing a window on either side is a sure-fire way to add that wow factor. An inexpensive way to get the look is to buy the fabric yourself and leave the hems raw. This is a great way to hide obscene metal Venetian blinds if you’re renting.

6. Want that sumptuous sofa look? Switch out your synthetic cushion inserts for duck down, which can be bought relatively cheaply at IKEA (IKEA Fjadrar Inner cushion in Natural, $10) and online.

7. Rugs instantly add new dimension and a layered look to a room. Even simple jute matting (Freedom Madras floor rug, WAS$399 NOW$379) can shift the look of a bedroom. There’s no need to invest in a huge rug that covers the entire room. Use a standard sized rug, placing it horizontally starting halfway down the bed, with edges extending evenly around the sides and end.

8. Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Add a bespoke feel to a generic chest of drawers with new drawer pulls. There are some beautiful options at shops like Mother of Pearl.

9. There’s a big difference between vintage and dated when it comes to furniture. Just because something comes from the 50s or 70s doesn’t mean it was well designed and can stand the test of time. Do some research into retro items and always choose classic over trend in terms of design.

10. Finally, select some large-scale prints (or original art if your wallet will allow it). All Posters offer large-scale prints and posters for a great price. Choose your wall space wisely. Ensure the space is large enough to give the artwork room to breathe for that art-gallery look. If one large piece feels too risky, go for three medium works that are harmonious or try a French hang.

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