14 Beautifully Styled Bedside Tables (That Won’t Put You To Sleep)
Is your nightstand in need of a style update (and a spring clean while you’re at it!)? Take inspiration from these chic tablescapes…

Natasha Saroca

Sep 10, 2014 10:53
by Natasha Saroca

Hands up if your bedside table is cluttered with half-read books, a handful of bobby pins, a few pieces of jewellery you wear every day, some of crumpled receipts, and three or four lip balms that you thought you’d lost but were actually hidden under the mess on your nightstand the whole time. Okay, so I may have just described my own sorry bedside-table display, but I’m sure there are more than a few of you who are nodding your heads in agreement… Right?

While my nightstand hasn’t always looked like this, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that it’s been this way for quite a while, but stumbling across the chic tablescapes below has inspired me to give the surface a spring clean and restore it to its former glory. There are loads of creative styling tricks to be found in the following 14 pictures, so take a look and make a note of which ideas you’d like to try when you tackle your bedside table-styling project.

Bedside table style

1. In the background: Who says art has to be centred above your bed? Here, a striking neon-tinged artwork has been cleverly positioned so that it hangs partly above the bedside table, making it part of the display. Notice how the slimline wall-mounted lamp complements the bold geometric shapes and colourway of the abstract print, while a vase of fresh blooms, small stack of books and quirky timber accent soften the ultra-contemporary look and add a chic touch to the scheme.

2. Classic monochrome: You can’t go wrong if you style your bedside table with décor, books and fresh blooms in a timeless black and white tones. Add a pop of colour for high-impact contrast, or stick with grey or metallics if you want to enhance the scheme with subtle yet striking tonal changes.

Source: Images: Derek Swalwell via Vogue Living; Pinterest.

Bedside table style

3. High fashion: If you’re a die-hard fashion lover, consider decking out your nightstand with artfully arranged stacks of fashion books and biographies about your favourite style icons. Complete the look with a statement lamp and some eye-catching accents, along with a cluster of fashion prints and photographs that you can hang on the wall to frame the stylish display.

4. Gold rush: Metallic accents can instantly lift any bland bedside table – I love the gold faceted table lamp that takes pride of place on this nightstand. Notice how the rest of the arrangement is clean and simple to allow the lamp to shine.

Source Images: Pinterest; Emily Henderson via Decorpad.

Bedside table style

5. Global flair: Are you a frequent traveller who’s often heading off on trips to faraway destinations? Displaying your souvenirs by your bed will give your space a personal, exotic touch, and allow you to drift off with treasured memories from your last adventure on your mind.

6. Minimalist chic: It’s not a look that I’d necessarily recreate in my home, but there’s something special about this bedside display. If I were to try this look, I’d probably ditch the greenery (is it a sculpture or a strange-looking plant?) and add a few keepsakes for a personal touch, along with a cool lamp, too.

Source Images: Kristin Perers via House to Home; Seventy Nine Ideas.

Bedside table style

7. In the spotlight: Speaking of cool table lamps, doesn’t this striking design make a bold style statement! To ensure the lamp remains the hero of the display, books and decorative items – except for a small plant – are artfully arranged on lower shelf and on the floor, where they take supporting roles in the scheme.

8. Easy breezy: If you’re not a fan of bright blooms, a simple arrangement of greenery is an ideal alternative. A vase of palm tree leaves gives this airy bedroom a cool, tropical feel. A straw hat propped up on the bed frame enhances the casual, beachy vibe, while an industrial-style wall lamp gives the space an up-to-date vibe. The table is layered with a cluster of white and green accents to tie the look together.

Source Images: House & Garden UK; Tec Petaja via West Elm.

Bedside table style

9-10. Layer it up!: The secret to creating bedside tablescapes as stylish as these is layering. Start by propping an eye-catching print (or more than one) against your wall and then add a lamp, stack of books and décor of varying heights to the scheme. Place some items toward the front of the table and some closer to the back – this will add depth, resulting in an eye-catching display that’s balanced and exudes visual interest.

Source Images: Ashley Capp via Style Me Pretty.

Bedside table style

11. Dramatic display: I love everything about this tablescape – it’s sophisticated yet fun, oozes personality and packs a visual punch (the amazing lamp and eye-popping black and violet colour scheme are standout features for me). Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to this stylish sight every day?

12. Sparkling style: Why hide your favourite pieces of statement jewellery in your cupboard when they deserve to be on display? Here, a bejewelled statement necklace – which fittingly hangs over three fashion books – adds sparkle and statement-making style to this bedside table. A sculptural lamp, vase of pink roses and a gold zebra-print dish filled with chunky rings add another layer of chic appeal of the space. A Diptyque candle and pretty bottle of perfume complete the look and infuse the air with a pleasing fragrance, too.

Source Images: Dream Home Source; Rebecca Dale Photography via With Love From Kat.

Bedside table style

13. Novel nightstand: Have more glossy mags and books than you know what to do with? Don’t display them on your bedside table – create a nightstand by stacking them together instead! Here, two belts are used to hold the makeshift table together. Notice how the top of the nightstand is kept fairly simple and uncluttered to ensure the scheme doesn’t look too busy.

14. Time keeper: Don’t like digital clocks? Decorate your bedside table with a statement timepiece instead, like this vintage-style clock. A lamp in a similar style enhances the eclectic, old-world look of the display, while a green patterned dish and vibrant flowers inject it with a playful touch and lively colour.

Source Images: House & Garden UK; Homedit.

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