15 Lust-Have Illustrations for Fashion Lovers
Dress up boring walls with beautiful fashion illustrations that inject your space with chic appeal and serious style cred

Natasha Saroca

Aug 27, 2014 10:29
by Natasha Saroca

Hunting for the right piece of art to hang on your walls is much like searching for the perfect statement accessory or investment handbag to add to your collection; you should look for a piece that exudes style, reflects your personality, and adds a little punch to your look and helps tie it together. However, the overriding rule when choosing art for your abode is to find something you really, really love – you know, a piece that you’ll heart just as much in years to come as you do right now.

Since we’re a little (okay, a lot…) obsessed with fashion here at Missy Confidential, it should come as no surprise that we’re drawn to art that speaks to our love of all things fashion and style – fashion illustrations, to be exact.

As you know, we’re always more than happy to help a sister out with new stylish finds for their wardrobe and home, so we’ve decided to round up 15 swoon-worthy prints by some of our favourite fashion illustrators and share them with you (aren’t we a generous bunch!). Trust us, this was not an easy exercise – do you know how hard it was to limit our picks to 15?!

Whether you choose to make a statement and hang a single print on your wall or arrange a cluster of these illustrations together, these beauties will instantly lift any space and inject your home with a hearty dose of style. Promise.

We just ask you to remember one thing before you go on a fashion illustration shopping spree – please remember to save some prints for us!

*All prices correct at time of publication.

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