My Food Bag's delicious menu made for a fun week of cooking (minus the shopping!)
Plus your chance to WIN one week of home delivered meals - so read on!


Aug 16, 2014 02:18
by Missy

Aiming to put the fun back into cooking, My Food Bag is a Sydney based service that delivers a weeks worth of dinners ready shopped to your door. If life is pretty hectic and you've fallen into a routine of soggy soups and mushy casseroles, this might be just the trick to reinvigorate your repertoire and put the yum, and the fun, back into dinner.

Our Missy team gave the week of dinners a go, and it was a unanimous 5/5 on fun, taste and quality. The vegetables, the free-range meat, the fish, and dairy products were all super fresh, and every item seemed selected for its ''top shelf'' quality.

The true benefit of the service though, from my family's perspective, is convenience. Rather than reverting to takeaway when you can't be bothered deciding what to cook, My Food Bag have made it too easy to cook a delicious and nutritious meal. All you need to do is come home and cook it.

Do they deliver on the fun factor? We think so, my older boys both got a kick out of the surprise recipe element and were enthusiastic about mucking in to help. For our family, we really did get our gourmet mojo back!

Love to win a week's worth of dinners?

If you live in the Sydney Metro area, then answer this question in the comments box, for your chance to win. 

Q: Which meal is your favourite fall back when you can't think of what to cook?

You must write your suburb in the entry to be entered! Entries close Saturday 30th August.

Find out more about this Sydney delivery service at www.myfoodbag.com.au

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