Meet Hipster Barbie
She's Instagramming a storm and it's hilarious

Sep 07, 2015 12:17
by Katie

With an Instagram account boasting 584K (and counting) followers, @socalitybarbie has to be the coolest toy in town. 

She's been posting totally hip photos of her trips to the beach, hikes in the mountains, catchups with equally hot barbie friends and her oh-so-important coffee dates. 

While the account is as chic as they come, it is also hilarious because every photo is picking fun at the bloggers and hipsters who run the Instagram world.



I love following bloggers who gram photos like the ones that Socality Barbie is making fun of but sometimes their "my life is perfect" facade gets a bit old. 

I'm willing to bet that this is why the Socality Barbie account has suddenly become so popular. 

So, who is the genius behind our hipster Barbie? They've chosen to remain anonymous but I'm sure they'll keep us laughing! 


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