9 Celebrity Wardrobes We Not-So-Secretly Covet
You love their clothes, now get ready to fall head over heels for their closets…

Natasha Saroca

Sep 03, 2014 12:29
by Natasha Saroca

Ever wondered what the inside of your favourite celeb’s wardrobe looks like? No, we’re not just talking about the endless racks and shelves of designer threads and other treasures you’d find tucked away in there, but rather how their actual closets have been designed, organised and decorated. Would it be modest in size or larger than your own living room? Arranged by colour or clothing type? Minimalist or modern glam in style?

Well, wonder no more, because we’ve scoured the interwebs to find 9 drool-worthy celeb closets – including the wardrobes of three angels, a dream girl and the world’s most famous reality TV star –that we wish we could call our own (along with everything stored inside them, of course!) … and we bet after reading this, you will too!

Celebrity Closets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Ultra-glam and girly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s wardrobe looks more like a high-end boutique rather than a place to stash her clothes, shoes and accessories collection. We love how the open shelves allow the model to showcase her designer handbags (as well as a trio of luxe LV suitcases!) and statement coats, while a roomy cupboard provides extra space to stow other wares away. Dressed in classic hues and decadent décor, this walk-in wardrobe and dressing room exudes five-star style – in other words, a space definitely befitting an angel!

Source (l-r): Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Asia Pacific via Zimbio; The Coveteur.

Celebrity Closets

Keri Russell

Doesn’t Keri Russell’s (a.k.a. Felicity Porter – remember that show?) walk-in wardrobe look oh-so stylish and serene? Nestled in the corner of this chic, airy closet and dressing area is a custom-made storage unit built by the actress’ carpenter husband, which is home to an assortment of shirts, sweaters, accessories scattered across the dresser, as well as several pairs of statement heels that double as fashion-forward art. With a cosy armchair, plush rug, cosy armchair and an ornate full-length mirror, this space could easily be mistaken for a living area – we can definitely see ourselves hanging out here all day!

Source (l-r): Vanity Fair; William Waldron/Elle Décor.

Celebrity Closets

Miranda Kerr

Okay, we’re 99.9 per cent sure Miranda Kerr has several other closets (surely she can’t just have one, right?), but we’ve taken a fancy to this pretty wardrobe set-up. There are two things we heart about this closet: 1) the fresh, rosy hue that covers the back of the cupboard and insides of the doors; and 2) its space-maximising design – the top shelf is a nifty addition as it reduces the amount of space below the rack that might’ve otherwise gone unused, while the base acts as another shelf for footwear. See, it’s smart and stylish!

Source: The Coveteur.

Celebrity Closets

Jennifer Hudson

Is this a closet or a department store? Well, if you guessed option two you’d almost be right, because that’s the exact vibe Jennifer Hudson was hoping to achieve when she built her dream wardrobe. As you can see, the room boasts plenty of opening shelves, hanging space, drawers, a glamorous vanity and built-in shoe storage, as well as mirrored cabinets to protect treasured wearables from dust and light. There’s also a sitting area smack bang in the middle of the space. Yup, pretty sure we’ve died and gone to wardrobe heaven.

Source (l-r): Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images via Zimbio; The Ellen DeGeneres Show via Girlfriends Get Organised.

Celebrity Closets

Gisele Bundchen

This walk-in wardrobe and dressing room belongs to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and boy, isn’t it a beauty. It ticks everything on our dream closet wish-list: it’s ginormous; boasts loads of hanging and shelving space; is light and airy (none of this unflattering fluorescent lighting business!); plus it has several three full-length mirrors, plus an island with accessory drawers (no more tangled necklaces and scarves!). The room also features a beautiful chandelier, which adds a touch of old-world glamour to the area. Although it’s wasn’t on our original wish-list, we’d definitely consider hanging one of these gems in our closets now…

Source (l-r): Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images South America via Zimbio; Roger Davies/Architectural Digest.

Celebrity Closets

Olivia Palermo

This large closet meets dressing room is fresh, fun and exudes modern glamour – did we really expect anything less from Olivia Palermo? Much like the New York socialite’s personal style, the dressing area offers a pleasing mix of modern and traditional styling, along with a few eclectic touches thrown in to add another layer of interest to the space. While the eye-catching zebra-print rug, dramatic black chandelier and painting that takes pride of place above the fireplace all manage to attract the eye, it’s the racks of colourful clothes and shoe tower (oh, and the stack of iconic orange Hermes boxes) that are tucked away in the corner of the room that instantly captured our attention.

Source (l-r): Andrew Toth/Getty Images via Zimbio; Gold Threads.

Celebrity Closets

Jessica Alba

Are sky-high heels, stylish flats and killer boots your weakness? Then you’re sure to go green with envy at the sight of Jessica Alba’s impressive shoe closet. Ceiling-to-floor open shelves line the wall of this spacious room – take note of how the adjustable shelves at set at different heights to suit different types of footwear to maximise space. Smart, no?

Source (l-r): House and Home; The Coveteur.

Celebrity Closets

Celine Dion

Do you always complain that you: a) don’t have enough closet space; and b) can never find anything in said closet? Well, it sounds like you need a wardrobe like Celine Dion. Okay, so this extremely spacious and stylish dressing room doesn’t look particularly flashy upon first glance, but wait until you find out what’s hiding behind its cupboard doors – an automated rack that holds all of the award-winning singer’s clothes, plus an automated carousel that is home to her 3000-plus pairs of shoes. We don’t know about you, but we’re sold! Celine’s sprawling estate is currently on sale for a cool $62.5 mil, so if you’re keen to pool funds with us so we can snap it up, just let us know!

Source (l-r): Jason Merritt/Getty Images via Zimbio; Luxuo.

Celebrity Closets

Kim K, we didn’t expect your wardrobe to look so … well, sophisticated. A guest bedroom that was converted into a master closet to store all her clothes, this dramatic space exudes decadent style and a boutique-like feel thanks to its rich timber flooring and cabinetry, a statement pendant light that illuminates the room and the layout of the dressing area.

As you can see, there’s loads of hanging storage, as well as wall cupboards and roomy drawers in the island cabinet to keep clutter at bay. Once a professional closet organiser, Kim’s closet is unsurprising very neat and expertly organised – dresses are organised according to length, outerwear is arranged by texture and all of her tees are tucked away in drawers and cupboards. Oh, and did we mention that the reality TV star has a separate walk-in for her impressive handbag and shoe collection?

Source (l-r): Douglas Friedman via InStyle; Kim Kardashian/Instagram via Star Pulse.

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