Fashion Myth Busters - Part 2
Have fashion rules really changed? Some have! To find out what's what right now, read on...

Jun 14, 2013 01:57
by Caitlin Reid

Fashion rules can leave you confused. No one wants to be remembered at an event as ‘that girl,’ who pushed fashion too far, and forgot about elegance and style. However! Take Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr’s advice and push the limits, while keeping it chic.

But have fashion rules really changed? Some have! Style has moved forward, modernised, and left some styling rules in the dust, while others still hold value.

1.) Wearing horizontal stripes makes you look wider

Interestingly, most striped clothing now uses horizontal stripes, instead of vertical ones! A study at the University of New York found people actually perceive those donning horizontal stripes as thinner, not wider at all! So forget this one, but remember any pattern does draw attention toward you, so mix up the area by cinching with a belt, or trying different width stripes. If you’re still nervous, throw a blazer over the top for guaranteed chic.

2.) Never wear sparkle during the day

An exciting rule to break! Rocking sequins in the day gives an instant rock star glam, plus it makes any outfit much more fun to wear! Remember though, it's day time sparkle you’re after, so ditch the maxi sequinned dress and choose one beaded or sequinned piece. Try a sequinned T-shirt, shift dress, skirt, shorts or tote for instant glitter glam.

3.) Never wear multiple prints at once

Ignore! This rule has only become outdated recently, with the return of bright, bold prints in the past few years. Forget the rules on this one, and go crazy! If you’re going to clash, embrace it!

4.) Sweaters and sneakers are only for the gym

No more! High end designers from Philip Lim to Kenzo have reinvented the sporty sweater to complement elegant styling. Plus! Isabel Marant’s release of sporty sneakers with a little heel changed the notion that sneakers aren’t stylish. Put them together and you have sporty chic! Jump onboard. No workout required.

So the options are endless, forget some of the rules!

Which fashion rules do you like to break?

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