Five Minutes With: Liberty Watson from Watson X Watson
We style-stalk Liberty, trailblazing designer and co-founder of one of our favourite cool-girl brands.

Jul 18, 2014 04:23
by Missy

Watson X Watson is the brainchild between sister duo Liberty and Somer. The ‘X’ is to mark the spot where hard work and inspiration meet. Every garment they create is effortlessly wearable, sophisticated, modern, confident and feminine. As they continue to go from strength to strength, we caught up with Liberty to talk life, leisure, ultimate budget buys and peek a week’s worth of outfits!

What’s it like working side-by-side with your sister?

A lot of fun! We have our testing moments, especially during the design stage, but the beauty of family is that a disagreement is generally over in 60 seconds. Somer and I have talents that complement each other. We bring together our own personalities and sense of style.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

For me it's travel. When I travel I get a broader Influence of different styles.

What are your five wardrobe essentials?

My Watson x Watson leather pants, sexy fitted structured dresses, our signature silk shirts , my Bassike t-shirts and my Tiffany & Co statement jewellery.

What are your must-have hair products and how do you maintain your perfect curl?

I'm all about a good treatment and can't go past Redken All Soft . Their hairspray is also the best on the market.

What questions should you ask yourself when considering a splurge purchase?

Ask, ‘Will I want to keep this forever?’ I'm quite classic in my personal style. Some things never go out of fashion – a crisp white shirt, nautical stripes and a caramel cashmere scarf, for example. I find that more expensive items generally last in your wardrobe for longer. When I’m unsure about something I normally ask myself if I'd pay double for it! If I say yes, I know I truly love it.

What’s the biggest fashion bargain you’ve ever scored?

My half-price Nicholas Kirkwood heels!

Where do you go hunting for affordable fashion, online and offline?

The Iconic has a great range. I also love a good Net-A-Porter sale.

What bargain beauty buys do you swear by?

I'm all about quality when it's going on my face! My Curtis Collection by Victoria Curtis mascara is worth every cent. I also love a good tinted moisturiser. Instead of foundation, I’ll wear Maybelline BB cream. Lastly, Clinique Chubby Sticks are the perfect balance between lipstick and lip gloss. A game changer for lip colour!

What are the top things on your wishlist right now?

I always covet Nike gear as new training clothes keep me motivated. I'm also crushing badly on Watson x Watson’s wool winter coats. I need every colour. They are so beautifully made and timeless.

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